Beretta 92X Performance Carry Optic J92XPCO21 9mm Luger

The Beretta 92 series is a capable, reliable, and inherently accurate pistol due to the short-recoil design.

Glock G47 MOS PA475203MOS 9mm Luger

The G47 was originally developed for the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in 2019, and in 2023, Glock made the G47 MOS available to the commercial market. It is the same size as the Glock G17 with a 4.5-inch barrel and full-size polymer frame.

Springfield Armory 1911 DS Prodigy 4.25 AOS PH9117AOS 9mm Luger

Springfield Armory has a long history of building 1911 pistols, and the DS Prodigy has many 1911 characteristics, such as the 1911 grip angle, thumb safety, grip safety, and sliding trigger.

Walther PDP Full Size 4.5 2842475 9mm Luger

Excellent grip and trigger, which makes the pistol easier to shoot well. Accuracy was exceptional. Recoil is very controllable in rapid fire, and the slide pulse is nice. The Trijicon is a benchmark for red-dot optics. We like the auto on, automatic illumination adjustment, and manual-adjust dot brightness.

SDS Imports Tisas 1911 A1 US Army 45 WG, 0100523 45 Auto

We had a reader ask for a review of this SDS, and we are glad he asked. The SDS is made by Tisas in Turkey and looked like an M1911A1 fresh off the assembly line circa 1943. In the hard case were two steel magazines, an extra set of checkered plastic grips, bushing wrench, and cleaning rod and brush.

Rock Island Armory GI Standard FS 51421 45 Auto

The Rock Island Armory wore a well-executed matte-black Parkerized finish and smooth wood grips. It takes design cues from both the M1911 and M1911A1 and is perhaps the most bastardized of the GI 1911 tested.

Taylor’s & Co. Full Size A1 1911 Model PC2/230006 45 Auto

The Taylor’s gun had a nice Parkerized matte-black finish and checkered wood grips that felt slightly fat in hand.

Springfield Armory Defend Your Legacy Series 1911 Mil-Spec PBD9108L 45 Auto

When was the original M1911 adopted by the U.S. Military? As you might guess, the year was 1911, and the first model, the M1911,...

Walther PDP F-Series 4-Inch 2842734 9mm Luger

The grip is the story with the F-Series pistol, and we found the grip is nicely textured and offers an ideal balance of abrasion and adhesion.

Canik TP9 Elite SC HG5610T 9mm Luger

The pistol is supplied with a hard-plastic case. Two backstraps, a standard and extended magazine, mounting plate for a red dot, Allen wrench, a manual, and a credible plastic holster are included.

Shadow Systems MR920 Combat 9mm Luger

Despite there being a bad shortage of 9mm handguns a couple of years ago, in 2023 many well-known brands are reasonably available and are...

SIG Sauer P938 Legion No. 938-9-Legion 9mm Luger

The form of this pistol closely mimics that of a 1911 and, as such, the early versions have nice crisp edges on the slide and frame.

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