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Remington Model 7 CDL 26423 308 Winchester

GUN TESTS GRADE: A $798 According to the Remington website, the Model 700 was introduced in 1962. By our count from that same website, the Model 700 has been factory produced in 49 different calibers and 81 different models. One would think that Remington believes they have a winner on their hands with the Model […]

Ruger Hawkeye Compact 37139 308 Winchester

GUN TESTS GRADE: B+ $691 There are any number of ways to make a rifle lighter. One of them is to make everything smaller, and that is what Ruger did with the Hawkeye Compact. The barrel is thin, with a diameter at the muzzle we measured at less than 0.53 inches, and the barrel is […]

Tips for the Older Shooter

We have heard from many Gun Tests readers who have been shooting most of their life but find their chosen handguns, such as the Commander 45 ACP or midsized-frame 357 Magnum, are more difficult to control with the onset of aging and muscle loss. In the current firearms market, choosing a handgun can be a […]

Anschütz MSR RX22 22LR

GUN TESTS GRADE: C $800-$1000 The Anschütz RX22 is not what we usually think of when we think Anschütz. Not a classic target rifle, the Anschütz RX22 is a 22 LR replica of the FN SCAR. In service in approximately 20 countries, the SCAR (Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle) was designed in response to […]

Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 22 LR

GUN TESTS GRADE: A (BEST BUY) $500 The last rifle we are testing is a replica of the U.S. M4 service carbine. The M4 is a shorter and lighter member of the M16 family of rifles first developed 60 years ago. The increasing mechanization of the U.S. armed forces and the deployment of forces in […]

Walther Arms HK416 D145RS 578.03.01 22 LR

GUN TESTS GRADE: B $583 Our next rifle mimics the Heckler & Koch HK416 (M27). While similar to the AR-15 in appearance, not everything is cross compatible between the two rifles. In particular, there are some significant differences found within the upper receiver of the HK416. Rather than using Eugene Stoner’s direct-gas-impingement system, the HK416 […]

ISSC MK22 ISSC211000 22 LR

GUN TESTS GRADE: F $270 If you’re looking for a SCAR and the RX22 doesn’t suit your fancy, another company imports a SCAR replica in 22 LR. Let’s see what our testers thought of it. The ISSC MK22 appears to be a clone of the Anschütz RX22. With an MSRP of $665, the MK22 could […]

Replicas of Famous Firearms, Part 2: Take a Pass on ISSC

In part one of our tests of eight 22 LR firearms that resemble famous battle rifles, we examined the Carl Walther HK MP5 A5, the Chiappa Arms M1 Carbine, the Carl Walther Colt M4, and GSG’s StG44. Now we’ll review the second set, which includes Anschütz’s MSR RX22 SCAR along with the very similar ISSC […]

Chiappa Citadel CIR22M1W 22 LR

GUN TESTS GRADE: F (1st Sample) GUN TESTS GRADE: C (2nd Sample) $300 The U.S. Carbine, Caliber .30, M1 is one of the iconic weapons fielded by...

German Sport Guns GSG-StG44 GERGSTG44 22 LR

GUN TESTS GRADE: A (OUR PICK) $330 The Sturmgewehr 44, commonly abbreviated as the StG44, was one of the earliest examples of what became known as...

Replicas of Famous Firearms, Part 1: Walther, Chiappa, GSG

Our test group included two 22 LR semi-autos from Carl Walther, the HK MP5 A5 and Colt M4, the Chiappa Arms M1 Carbine, and GSG's StG44. One rifle was truest to the original, practical, and fun.

Walther Arms HK MP5 A5 5780310 22 LR

GUN TESTS GRADE: C $600+ About the original: The HK MP5 is an iconic firearm developed in the 1960s as a 9mm submachine gun and is...

Something Odd Just Happened

On December 23, 2020, Marvin G. Richardson, associate deputy director (ADD) of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE), withdrew the “notice...