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Rossi Gallery 22 RP22181SY 22 LR

The Gallery 22 gives the old-time look of a Gallery Gun a makeover in polymer, oversized trigger guard, and fiber-optic sights.

Henry Pump Action Octagon H003T 22 S/L/LR

Like the Taurus, the style of the Henry Pump is reminiscent of the Winchester Model 62 with a straight pistol grip buttstock and ribbed, corn-cob fore end, and traditional iron sights.


Gun Tests magazine has covered Tikka centerfire rifles in the past (see the March 2020 and October 2021 issues) with very favorable results. While certainly not cheap, neither are they expensive and, we feel, offer a great value for the cash required.

Ruger Precision Rimfire 8401 22 LR

Ruger introduced the centerfire Precision Rifle in mid-2015, thereby starting a revolution. The rifle turned out to be pretty accurate (0.75-moa groups were common for us).

Bergara B14R B14R001 22 LR

Coming in at a bit more than 9 pounds, the Bergara B14R was the heavyweight in our selection. The 18-inch barrel measured around 0.85 inch just behind the threaded muzzle, tapering down from 1.3 inch in front of the receiver ring.

Christensen Arms Ranger 22 8011200100 22 LR

In direct contrast to the Bergara, Christensen Arms decided to forego recoil mitigation and opted, instead, for portability. Everything in this rifle is designed for maximum weight savings.

Four AR-15 Lower Receivers Assembled and Range Tested

With the design and development of the AR-15 in the 1950s and 1960s, Eugene Stoner was able to begin the process of bringing the...

SHOT 2022: Browning X-Bolt Target Max Adjustable Suppressor Ready 035560291 6mm Creedmoor

A new Browning bolt-action rifle optimized for long-range target shooting and competition. Features include a stiffer, heavier receiver, fluted stainless steel barrel with Recoil...

Savage Axis II 300 Blackout

What are some good bolt-gun options for hunters who don’t want to deal with a lot of recoil? We reported on 22-250 rifles using...

Ruger American Ranch Rifle 300 Blackout

First produced in 2012, the Ruger American Rifle series includes a cold hammer-forged barrel secured in Power Bedding blocks.

CVA Cascade SB 300 Blackout

The CVA brand is part of BPI (Black Powder, Inc.), which is well known for its muzzleloading rifles.

Rossi Rio Bravo RL22181WD 22 LR

Lever-action rimfires can be a lot of fun for kids or adults, whether it’s popping a can along the ground (with a safe backstop),...

Court Ruling Supports Carry Reciprocity

I’m looking at a remarkable opinion by Massachusetts District Court Associate Justice John F. Coffey, who ordered on August 3, 2023, that the state’s...