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Savage Model 64 Takedown 40207 22 LR

GUN TESTS GRADE: A (BEST BUY) $212 The Model 64 Takedown has a minimalist approach. This rifle is basically a Model 64 barrel and action attached to an abbreviated polymer stock. It breaks down into two components: a receiver assembly and a barrel assembly. The Model 64 action is a simple blowback style. The receiver […]

Ruger 10/22 Takedown 11100 22 LR

GUN TESTS GRADE: A (OUR PICK) $372 The Ruger 10/22 is iconic due to its excellent reliability and good accuracy. We felt the 10/22 Takedown maintained the reputation and improved upon it with a new twist, so to speak. One improvement with the Takedown is the ease in cleaning the rifle. Taken apart, it is […]

KelTec Model SU22CA 22 LR

GUN TESTS GRADE: A- $373 The SU22CA is a typical KelTec rifle design that sandwiches the action between two halves of a polymer receiver. The SU22CA...

Browning High Wall 45-70 Government

GUN TESTS GRADE: A $1100 Two of the prime advantages of a lever-action rifle are that they are thin and flat. In other words, very easy to carry on horseback or just in back of the seat in your truck. Many, including our test rifles, are relatively light and fast handling. Our Browning High Wall […]

Marlin 1895G Guide Gun 70462 45-70 Government

GUN TESTS GRADE: A (BEST BUY AND OUR PICK) $633 The 1894 Winchester is the type of firearms success story every manufacturer wishes they could duplicate. Trim, thin and capable of housing a powerful cartridge, more than six million ’94s have been sold over the 120+ intervening years. Standard production ceased for those rifles in […]

Henry Lever Action X Model H010X 45-70 Government

GUN TESTS GRADE: A- $817 According to our research, the first lever-action rifles on the market were quite probably Colt’s 1st and 2nd Ring Models, both cap-and-ball rifles, produced by the Patent Arms Manufacturing Company of Paterson, NJ, between 1837 and 1841. The ring lever was located in front of the trigger and, when pulled, […]

Success with the Legend Round

Re “350 Legend Bolt-Actions from Winchester, Savage, and Ruger,” July 2020 I purchased a Ruger American Ranch Rifle in 350 Legend and used it last deer season. I shot a buck at about 40 yards using Hornady’s 170-grain round, and it really brought him down with just one shot. Also, used it on a coyote […]

Savage Model 110 Hog Hunter 57534 350 Legend

GUN TESTS GRADE: A (OUR PICK) $487 According to a national feral-hog-control organization, “The solution to the feral hog problem has not been readily apparent. The ultimate answer as to how to control these animals has not been found to date. In many ways, feral hogs are America’s most successful large invasive species. All of […]

Winchester XPR Hunter True Timber Strata 535741296 350 Legend

GUN TESTS GRADE: A- $635 The Winchester XPR Hunter showed up ready to work. The Vortex Crossfire II 3-9×40 scope was already mounted and bore-sighted on our sample. This was a nice, trim scope with crosshairs thick enough to see and thin enough not to obscure your point of aim. The reticle includes “tick” marks […]

Ruger American Ranch Rifle 26985 350 Legend

GUN TESTS GRADE: F/B+ $442 We hear all kinds of stories about the torture tests to which gun writers purportedly subject their test samples. We don’t. We inspect them when they first arrive for fit, form and function, lubricate them properly, take photos as needed and head to the range. We also need to know […]

Springfield Armory M1A SOCOM 16 AA9626 7.62 NATO/308 Win.

GUN TESTS GRADE: A (OUR PICK) $1799 This was a pre-virus price at Cabelas.com. The price difference across the board on the Scout Squad and SOCOM averages $120, but it was difficult to find them both in stock at the same outlet or the other for reference. The SOCOM is usually the more expensive. MSRP […]

Springfield Armory M1A Scout Squad FDE AA9120 7.62 NATO

GUN TESTS GRADE: A $1455 his is a pre-virus price at BudsGunShop.com. Springfield M1A rifles once took us to the days of blued steel and walnut. Today, the majority of M1A rifles wear synthetic stocks, like this one, that will not warp and which offer good factory bedding. Springfield no longer lists this AA9120 FDE […]

Gun-Rights Rino Rollover Candidates

Last issue, I asked for your thoughts about what gun legislation might be forthcoming from the Biden Administration, and some of your comments appear...