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Cowboy .45 LC Revolvers: We Dub Cabela’s A Best Buy

Picking a .45 hogleg just got easier because Cabelaís Millennium is an inexpensive but excellent product, where Coltís and Ruger guns both have drawbacks.

From the top: Ruger Bisley, Cabela's
ŻMillennium, and Colt SAA.

So ya wanna be a cowboy, eh? Or at least you want to shoot in cowboy competition but don’t have a hogleg yet. You’ve got a hankerin’ for a real piece of the old West, and have decided on a .45 LC revolver. In case you’re really new to the sport, it’s sponsored by the SASS, which stands for Single Action Shooting Society. Key words here are single, and action. No double actions allowed. However, within the various categories of this gun game, you might choose an original old first-generation Colt, a modern clone of one, or a single-action revolver that maybe doesn’t look quite right, but is allowed in…

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