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Long-Barreled .22 Revolvers: Ruger, Smith & Wesson, and Dan Wesson

Ruger’s New Model Single Six Convertible is a bargain, and the Smith & Wesson 617 will help you rule the plate racks. The seemingly solid Dan Wesson 722 VH10 disappoints.

Longer barrels on revolvers should provide
ūbetter accuracy and more velocity, and Smith
ū& Wesson’s M617 ($578, rear) and the Ruger
ūSingle Six Convertible, $352, did so.

Long-barreled revolvers have several traditional uses. Plinking for fun, small-game hunting, and competition in the rimfire category of the Hunter’s Pistol Silhouette division come to mind immediately. But more important than what a rimfire revolver can do is how well it can perform compared to shorter-barreled guns. Basically, the tradeoff is this simple: What should the longer tube provide for its greater overall length and weight?

Naturally, a longer barrel suggests two performance upgrades: better accuracy and more velocity. But as we have often found, what’s promised isn’t necessarily what’s delivered. Therewith, after thumbing through Krause’s Gun Digest 2001, we decided to test three rimfire revolvers with barrels ranging from 8.5…

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