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Scouting Out Two Scout Rifles: Steyr, Savage Go Head To Head

Bottom line: Save your money and buy the utilitarian Savage unless you’re bound and determined to own the very nice Steyr.

Tech editor Ray Ordorica was fond of the
ûSteyr. He ought to have used the Ching Sling,
ûpart of the package, here for more support.

An intelligent evaluation of the scout rifle must begin with its definition, and that has to come from its originator, Col. John Dean “Jeff” Cooper. Nearly two decades ago Cooper specified the “general purpose,” or “scout” rifle to be “.a conveniently portable, individually operated firearm, capable of striking a single decisive blow on a live target of up to 200 kilos [approx. 440 pounds] in weight, at any distance at which the operator can shoot with the precision necessary to place a shot in a vital area of the target.” The scout himself was generally defined as a highly skilled outdoorsman, operating alone. …

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