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9mm Carbines: Hi-Point Takes On Ruger In Self-Defense Showdown

Though rough, our $199 Hi-Point Model 995 9mm Carbine turned out to be a bargain after all. But at $575, we would have to think

Hi-Point's 995 9mm semiauto carbine hand-
űled well in close-quarters situations, mainly
űdue to its pistol grip and buttstock design.

Without actually seeing the subjects of this month’s test, we imagined these two 9mm carbines as being a poor man’s AR-15, or perhaps an MP5. The two short rifles in question are in fact the $575 Ruger PC9, which operates from magazines common to Ruger’s P85-95 series pistols, and Hi-Point’s 9mm Carbine, $199. The Hi-Point cuts the figure of the type of machine pistol one envisions in the hands of SWAT or Special Forces. The Ruger, on the other hand, closely resembles a military rifle from the 1940s. Its profile is of a classic rifle punctuated by a long, narrow magazine hanging just ahead of the trigger guard. …

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