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We Test Ultra-Lightweight 7-Shot .357 Magnum Revolvers

Straight from the box, Smith & Wessonís $800 386PD and 386SC Mountain Lite models and the $600 Taurus M617Ti are ready to go as topnotch self-defense handguns.

The S&W 386PD shot and carried well, but
Żalso packed a wallop at the practice range.

In the January 2002 issue, we presented an evaluation of seven-shot .357 Magnum revolvers from Taurus and Smith & Wesson. Based on the trend toward lower-capacity pistols chambered for larger cartridges, our conclusion was that seven-shot revolvers such as the Taurus 617 and the S&W 686+ might be too heavy for carry.

However, in this test we feature revolvers that address this problem with super-light metals such as titanium (Ti) and scandium (Sc). As its name suggests, the $600 Taurus M617Ti includes parts fashioned from titanium; it arrived ported to offset muzzle flip. Also, we acquired both of Smith & Wesson’s $800 lightweight revolvers, a 386PD and a 386SC Mountain Lite…

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