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.410 Shotguns: Winchester’s Model 9410 Is A Slick Shooter

The .410 round doesn’t get a lot of respect compared to the more macho 12 and 20 gauges, but in the right package it can be a kick to shoot.

Rifle? No, a shotgun. The 9410 packs a lot of gun fun in a small package.
In the gun world we rarely find a gun that doesn’t offer some sort of match up. Usually, such a firearm has some unique character, such as being chambered for an oddball cartridge, or its pricing sets it apart by either being way below market or way above market. Even so, we can usually find something that works well enough to form a comparison test.

Not so with Winchester’s 9410 lever-action shotgun. The 9410 adapts the Model 94 rifle lever action into a shotgun that can handle 2.5-inch .410 ammunition reliably. As such, it makes a good squirrel, cottontail, grouse, or dove-hunting gun (properly plugged for migratory birds, of course). To…

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