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Subcompact 9mm Pistols: Our Pick for Concealed Carry and Combat

We determine the strengths and weaknesses of Kahr’s $600 P9, Springfield’s latest XD, $490, and the $640 Glock Model 26.

A friendly Practical pistol match is the best way to test your skills with your carry gun. We think the Glock 26 would be a blast to shoot in competition, and Hoffner’s Minimalist holster ($45) will fit all the Glocks, big or small.
Can the somewhat contradictory natures of concealed-carry guns and combat sidearms be reconciled in a single product that’s low-key but still quick to target? We certainly hoped so when we tested three 9mm subcompacts, because a concealable piece that the shooter can’t easily bring into play is next to useless, and the combat piece that calls undue attention to itself or that’s uncomfortable to carry isn’t a good solution either.

For the sake of this article, we define a combat gun as one that can be used at close or medium range and has the capability to be drawn, fired, and reloaded quickly. Also, it must be no smaller than 9mm…

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