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3-inch .357 Magnum Revolvers: Buy Ladysmith, Ruger’s Wheelgun

The Smith & Wesson gun, $584, and Sturm, Ruger’s KGPF-331, $529, will do great work as self-defense arms. But we would choose one over the other.

The Smith & Wesson 65LS was dead on at 25 yards, firing Federal’s 158-grain .357 Magnum ammunition. We think any guy who passes on this 3-inch revolver just because of the name is missing out on nicely finished weapon.
Snub-nosed revolvers have barrel lengths of 3 inches or less measured from forcing cone to crown. But taking a look at the roster of available snubbies, we found precious few 3-inch wheelguns available. The last one we covered was a hi-tech titanium and scandium model from Smith & Wesson, the 386SC Mountain Light. But what about blue-collar, working-class steel six-shooters?

Well, we found two that fit the bill. Sturm, Ruger and Co., has been quietly producing its GP-100 line of six-shot .357s for years, and we acquired a 3-inch variation, the KGPF-331. Also, we had two to choose from in the Smith & Wesson catalog. The model 64 looked good, but…

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