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Lightweight AR-15 Carbines: We Test Guns from Bushmaster, DPMS

Need a handy, dependable rifle for self-defense? Want a lightweight gun that won’t stretch your arms? In this test, you can pick either gun and come out with a winner.

Light AR-15s such as the Bushmaster are a joy to carry and shoot.
Last April a member of our staff traveled to Princeton, Louisiana, for two exhilarating days of instruction with five-time Soldier of Fortune champion Jim Clark Jr. (888-458-4126). The subject was not just long-range marksmanship and three-position fire with the AR-15 rifle, but also rapid engagement of multiple targets such as those found at a practical shooting match. The weapon of choice for such competition is the AR-15, the civilian descendant of the M16. A typical competition AR rifle carries a full stock and a 20- to 24-inch barrel. Another rifle built along the lines of the original Armalite M16 rifle is a shorter and lighter carbine currently in use by…

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