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.32 Single-Action Revolvers: Navy Deluxe and Bird’s Head Shoot Out

The Navy Arms Deluxe .32-20, $435, and Rugerís $576 Single Six Birdís Head .32 H&R Magnum are loaded with charm and shoot easy. Bonus: S&Wís .500 S&W Magnum wheelgun.

This Navy Arms Deluxe revolver came chambered in .32-20, originally a rifle cartridge introduced in 1882. We liked the pairing of revolver and cartridge.
The single-action-shooting craze with its cowboy theme is a mix of modern technology and Old West gear. Period wear is required for the shooters, but if you check out the equipment you’ll likely discover that even the guns are costume. What goes on the hip may have the appearance of being old iron, but the most popular calibers at these matches were hardly dreamed of when the game was for real. Almost everyone seems to be shooting .38 Special or a light load of .45 Long Colt instead of black powder, or ancients like .41 Smith & Wesson and .45 Colt. So, with the appeal of the cowboy action guns…

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