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Parkerized Mil-Spec 1911 .45s: Springfield Beats Auto Ordnance

Playing G.I. with the Springfield Parkerized Mil-Spec, $559, was more fun than with the Auto Ordnance 1911, $515. Bonus Test: Springfield’s $1,500 upgrade package makes a super gun.

The .45 ACP 1911A1 Government model is as American as apple pie. But with so many upgrades, the prices for a majority of available 1911s can be sky high. Exception: The Springfield Armory Mil-Spec Parkerized was a good gun that provided reliable service and a lifetime warranty for only $559.
It is no wonder that the average price of a 1911 .45 ACP pistol has put this weapon out of the reach of many buyers. The temptation for manufacturers to offer more and more features such as night sights, checkering, skeletonized hammers, and so on is substantial, since each upgrade can be marked up and the net profit per pistol improved.

We shopped around for reasonably priced 1911s, with the definition of “reasonably priced” being something of a moving target. What’s reasonable in a marketplace dominated by polymer sidearms that are fine defense guns, and which sell for hundreds of dollars less? …

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