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A Roller-Locked Trio: H&K-Type Variants for .308, .223, 9mm

We test rifles with this action type: JLD’s .308 PTR-91, Vector Arms’ V-53 in .223, and the 9mm BW-5 from Bobcat Weapons.

Ray Ordorica had lots of experience with HK-type .308s, and he really liked the JLD PTR-91. Some of us felt the .308 was the best adaptation of the roller-locking system of these three rifles, but they all worked very well indeed. The .223 version was a welcome change from all the AR-15s out there.
The Germans came up with a roller-locked weapon system near the close of WWII, but the close of that war took the design, and perhaps some of the designers, to Spain, where the first issue of the rifle was called the CETME Model 58. This had good success, and following the war the German firm of Heckler & Koch brought out its G3 based on that system, in a variety of calibers but primarily in .308. This was followed some time later by a semiautomatic version labeled the HK-91. The system is adaptable to a variety of calibers. H&K’s famous MP-5 in 9mm is favored by SWAT teams the world…

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