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Low-Cost 9mms: Hi-Point’s C9 Vs. Bersa’s 18-Shot Thunder 9

We really liked the High-Capacity Bersa, but we couldn’t fault the Hi-Point for being anything but ugly. Fed a variety of ammo, the C9 kept on ticking, and it saves you money in the bargain.

We think you’ve got to ask yourself what exactly do you want to do with a handgun before you buy it. While most “shooters” would prefer the nice finish, high capacity, good looks, great single-action trigger, and good performance of the Bersa (above), we suspect that most of these “shooters” will not practice DA/SA pairs with the Bersa. It’s far too easy to shoot it single action, and keep on shooting ‘til the sun goes down or you run out of shots in the magazine.
The 9mm cartridge continues to retain its immense popularity, and those with little experience with firearms take to it quite well. Those with more experience know there are better self-defense rounds, but not many will argue that you can get ammunition for a 9mm at a cost far lower than most, if not all other, centerfire handgun cartridges. The handguns that shoot it are a different story altogether. The more-costly versions can easily run well into four figures, but most decent 9mm autoloaders sell for under a grand. But we know many folks can’t justify spending even half that on a decent firearm. So how low can you go? …

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