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Midrange Autoloaders: Winners From Beretta and Browning

The Browning Gold Evolve Sporting and Beretta’s AL391 Teknys Gold Sporting share few common elements, but each did a credible job of breaking clay targets with comfort and style.

It is rare that we pick up two guns for testing that are radically different in appearance, balance, and weight and yet don’t have one that outshines the other for whatever their intended purpose might be. But that’s just the case we had between our hands with the new Browning Gold Evolve Sporting semi-automatic 12 gauge 011262428, $1287, and Beretta’s AL391 Teknys Gold Sporting 12 gauge J391T78, $1800.

Midrange Autoloading Shotguns
Beretta’s $1800 AL391 Teknys Gold Sporting 12 gauge, front, and the new Browning Gold Evolve Sporting semi-automatic 12 gauge, $1287, are competitive sporting-clays guns, but they are very different. The Teknys handles beautifully, is handsomely designed, and it chambers the 3-inch shotshell. But the Beretta weighs significantly more, and it has a significantly steeper price tag than the Browning. The Browning has some odd wood shapes, and our sample had plain stock wood grain, but this lighter-weight offering will please a range of shooters. We’d be happy with either one, but we preferred the Teknys.
Though both are aimed at the competitive sporting-clays crowds, the only commonalities these two share are that they’re both 12 gauges and their semi-automatic actions are gas-operated. One weighs significantly more than the other, they possess completely different balancing points, and when it…

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