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Over/Under Shotguns for Less Than $1000: Lanber Is Best Buy

Our testers gave Lanber’s 2097 a thumb’s up. We would buy it ahead of Remington’s SPR310S and Mossberg’s Onyx Reserve.

The over/under shotgun stacks one barrel above the other and is loaded by hinging the breechface away from the barrel for direct access to the chambers. They are favored for their simplicity, accuracy, and reliability. In most cases, a hefty price tag reflects superior materials and precision fit.

Spanish-made $1099 Lanber 2097 Sporting Lux
Despite a recent price increase, we picked the Spanish-made $1099 Lanber 2097 Sporting Lux (left) over two other shotguns. The Lanber had the best wood, dependable mechanical function, extras such as scroll work, and a supply of seven choke tubes. We also liked the $756 Mossberg Onyx Reserve Sporting because it fit a variety of shooters. Remington’s $770 SPR310S was appealing, but our team said that the stock, bead, and safety would need tuning before we’d be really happy with it.
In a category that can demand a five-figure entry fee, we wanted to see if we could get into the over/under club for substantially less. Toward that goal, we tested three new 12 gauges with walnut furniture: the $770 Remington SPR310S, originating from Russia; the $756 Mossberg Onyx Reserve Sporting, imported from Turkey, and the Spanish-made $1099 Lanber 2097 Sporting Lux. …

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