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Full-Size .22 Long Rifle Autos: We Love Ruger’s 6-Inch Mark III

Ruger’s new Standard, now called the Mark III, $342, was our pick over the Beretta U22 Neos with 4.5-inch tube, $250, and the Browning Buck Mark Standard URX 4-inch barrel, $380.

Acquiring a good semiautomatic .22 LR pistol is probably the best way to learn how to shoot a handgun. Some of us went that way (see sidebar) and highly recommend the technique. But not just any gun will do. It has to have some weight, excellent sights, reasonable to excellent accuracy, and a decent trigger. Why weight? There are some nice but very light .22s out there, and the new shooter won't be able to hold them as steadily as a gun with a bit more weight, and may become discouraged. …

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