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Accurate AR-15 Rifles: Buy the Fulton Armory, Rock River Guns

This was a tough test to judge: Four varmint/predator rifles from Bushmaster, Fulton Armory, Rock River, and Stag Arms went head to head, and only minor differences separated them.

After our article on "Compact AR Carbines" (October 2007) and a related article on "AR-15 Adjustable Stocks" (March 2008), some of you warned us that we had opened Pandora's Box. Your prediction proved true, as we were besieged with other requests to visit additional limbs on the AR family tree: New caliber performance match-ups, more accessories testing, and national-match gun comparisons were just a few of the suggestions that popped up.

This month we chose one of the most popular requests, the AR-15 varmint/predator rifle. We quickly found that choosing four guns to test wasn't going to be easy. It seems almost every manufacturer out there is turning out some version…

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