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380 ACP Pistols: Ruger’s New LCP Wins Against PPK, Taurus

The Light Compact Pistol shone when compared to two other guns we didn’t like much: The uncomfortable Walther USA PPK and the unreliable Taurus PT138BP-12 hot rod.

In our recent test of three small semi-automatic pistols chambered for 32 Auto, we learned that they could be fired quickly with little recoil. In this test we upped the power to 380 ACP and tried again with three more guns that were nearly identical to our 32s in size, action, and mechanical operation. In two of three cases, we repeated our tests with guns made by the same manufacturer. These were the $573 Walther USA PPK 380 and the $419 Taurus PT138BP-12. Our third 380 was the $330 Ruger LCP. This was a very close copy of the Kel-Tec P3AT last tested in our March 2004 issue, and which…

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