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22 LR Bolt Actions: We Would Buy the Remington Model 514

Accuracy and simple operation were the key factors that gave a used Remington plinker the edge over a similar Marlin Model 25N in a comparison of two 22-caliber beginner rifles.

Getting a greenhorn shooter to take that first step along the path of a seasoned shooter, whether the targets are at the shooting range or running around in a field, often starts with a 22-caliber rifle. Most of us old-timers have fond memories of our first 22-caliber rifle. Bringing home a mess or rabbits or squirrels; punching holes in tin cans; or just trying to shoot the smallest group on paper were all part of our marksmanship learning experience.

Some of us remember that the first scene of the Audie Murphy biographical movie

Bolt-Action 22-Caliber Rifle
Making one shot count, particularly when a youngster is ust learning basic shooting skills, often has an adult on the hunt for a used bargainpriced bolt-action 22-caliber rifle that can qualify as a beginner’s shooting tool. We found two veteran rifles, a Remington Model 514 (right) and a Marlin Model 25N, that were priced right and passed our beginner’s rifle test.
To Hell and Back depicts a young Murphy using a single shot to bag a rabbit for his…

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