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Polymer-Frame DA/SA Pistols: FNH and CZ USA Compete

The FNH 9 and the CZ P07 are good performers, but only one is thoroughly modern. The other is a good pistol, but it could stand an upgrade in the take down sequence. Is one right for you?

The double-action first-shot self-loading pistol continues being popular because many shooters are uncomfortable with the requirement to keep a single-action pistol cocked and locked, hammer back, safety on. Others do not trust the lack of a manual safety in the double-action-only pistol. These shooters are more comfortable with a long first-shot double-action trigger press. The double-action first shot seems to offer the best of both worlds. This is a prime example of handling features taking advantage

Top: In a previous test (August 2008) of a DAO FNP-9 black-frame unit, we rated that gun a C-, mainly for feeding problems and a heavy trigger. This round, the FNH FNP-9 DA/SA FDE, top, performed a lot better, though it fell short of an A grade because we didn’t like the sights. We pitted it against the CZ-USA P07 Duty, below, which we had previously reviewed in the August 2009 issue. Some readers who owned Duty pistols said they were better than “B”-grade guns, so we got a new gun and put it (bottom) with a new team to see if the results were different.
over range performance. The double-action-first-shot pistol will never win a combat competition, but many personal-defense shooters favor it. The long double-action trigger is a safety feature that requires 10 pounds or more of pressure…

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