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High-Velocity 45 ACP Loads: Impressive, But Hard to Handle

The question is: Does faster, higher-pressure, more expensive ammunition deliver performance that leaves standard-pressure 45 ACP 230-grain loads in the dust? Not really, we found.

When the debate turns to small and large calibers and high velocity versus a big bullet, we tend to yawn. Been there, done that, and shot lots of game. Studied plenty of personal-defense shootings as well. We are often consulted by the crime-scene team in one of the busiest areas in a high-crime area in the Southeast. We have not seen it all, but we have a good idea of what occurs when a bullet meets a threat or a game animal. We prefer the big-bore cartridge. The slow and heavy 230-grain 45 ACP has exhibited excellent results and proven consistently effective over the course of 100 years. We feel…

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