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Anti-Rust Test: Boeshield T-9, Slide-Glide Lite Are Our Picks

Ten years later, Boeshield works as well as it ever did at keeping oxidation on metal at bay, but Slide-Glide Lite also warrants a look, our testers learned. We prefer Rangoon oil for fine guns.

In the July 2000 issue, we tested several rust-preventative compounds by preparing a bare, degreased steel sample and then anointing it with a selection of oils and other compounds that were supposed to provide protection against rust. We then left the steel sample outdoors in the rain, added some

Small job or big, the Boeshield T-9 is a great rust preventative. At left is the test sample, a 4-ounce bottle (pictures are obviously not to scale). But the fluid comes in sizes up to a gallon container.
salt water to speed things up, and reported the results. The upshot of that test was that Boeshield T9 was the winner, providing essentially perfect protection against salt, rain, and odd water samples. …

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