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Smith & Wesson Vs. Ruger: 22 LR Wheelguns and Pistols

Smith & Wesson’s Model 41 ties Ruger’s New Model Single Six Blackhawk Hunter. Ruger’s Competition Mark III also had what it takes. The Smith & Wesson 617 was consistent, if not sterling.

The International Handgun Metallic Silhouette Association (IHMSA) recently instituted a new division aimed at attracting more shooters competing at a maximum distance of 100 yards or meters. As explained on the www. website, the rimfire arm of the Practical Hunter division is open to 22 LR handguns only with open sights, optical, or red-dot scopes. Competitors can shoot from any safe position they choose, including prone. New shooters may use a sandbag or mechanical rest to support the gun. …

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