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Uncluttering Your AR-15 Rail: Pick Combo Laser/Light Grips

These vertical grips simplify your set-up, but they come at a price. The way we see it, Crimson Trace’s MVF-515s outshine the Sig Sauer Stoplite STL-300J and Colt/Lasermax CGL grip.

The AR-15's popularity is partially due to the weapon's modularity, light weight, and fast handling. But too much technology hung off every rail can morph the AR into an unwieldy and overly complicated rig—turning "tactical" into "tacticool."

Multifunction devices that combine optical laser and lighting into a vertical grip platform can help keep your rifle trim and uncluttered. We recently tested four such

laser/light foregrips from three manufacturers. From MidwayUSA we bought two models made by Crimson Trace Corporation, the MVF-515 Red ($399, # 211142) and the MVF-515 Green ($599, # 812310). Both grips use a dual output 150-/200-lumen LED and feature independent controls for the light and laser. The now-discontinued…

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