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Wants Full-Grade Markdowns

Reader Rehak wants us to grade down nonadjustable sights and heavy triggers more than we currently do. Reader Tuss defends his American. And lots on the Metcalf 2nd Amendment kerfuffle.

Harder Grading!

I enjoy reading the comparisons and test results of semi-auto pistols. In the articles, very little reference is given to whether or not a particular handgun has sights which are “regulated” to hit where someone is aiming. It appears that if they hit fairly close to the point of aim at 6 or 19 yards, then they are okay for self defense. I would suggest that semi-auto pistols without adjustable sights be downgraded a full letter because of this fact. There is little or no reason in this day and age for all handguns not to be equipped with adjustable sights. This isn’t the 1930s, yet gun writers give…

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