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Assessing Pistol Recoil Energy

Re “Firing Line,” July 2022 Todd: Finally cycled through my gun subscriptions and read the July 2022 Issue. Surprised to see my tirade about recoil....

Taylor’s & Company Drifter RC1/556100 45 Colt

The Drifter is similar to an original Colt SAA revolver except for the barrel and the mechanism. The barrel on the Drifter is octagonal, not round. It also uses a retractable firing pin, allowing a user to safely carry it fully loaded.

Uberti Army Outlaw 341515 45 Colt

The Remington Model 1875 was late to the party and to the Government contract. The military already awarded Colt the lion’s share of the contract, but they did buy a few Remingtons for Native American reservation police.
concealed carry deadly force

New Shooter’s Guide: You Have Your Concealed Carry Permit – Should You Carry?

Well, you did it. You got your License to Carry, CCW, CHL or whatever they call it in your state. Perhaps you did that...

Masterpiece Arms DS9 Commander 9mm Luger

Our DS9 came with a 4.25-inch bull barrel, made of 416R stainless steel. It was hand-fitted into a slide machined from a steel billet and then hand-lapped to the frame.

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Armed Citizens Stop Attacks

John Lott, Jr. has done an interesting study of how often armed citizens like ourselves intervene to stop mass shooters. Bottom line: The rate...