10X42 Binoculars Test, Part II: Zeiss Beats Swarovski, Leica

We examined six pairs of optics ranging in price from $260 to nearly $1,700 to see if price really has an impact on ease of use and performance. This time, models over $1100.

28-Gauge O/U Shotguns: Cynergy Versus Silver Pigeon II

Evaluated on the clay-target fields and over dogs pointing quail, the sub-gauge Browning gun had a slight edge over the Beretta.

Let There Be (Tactical) Light! We Test Five Pistol Add-Ons

We think weapon lights from Glock, Springfield Armory, and Insight Technology have their weak spots. Surefire is a sure bet.

Three Sweet .243 Bolt Actions: Browning, Ruger, & Remington

Our other test guns were the Browning A-Bolt II Micro Hunter No. 0350202111, a 6.25-pound gun with a 20-inch blued barrel, $684; and the Remington 700 SPS Youth No. 27475, a less expensive synthetic-stocked gun that weighed 6.75 pounds unloaded. Because of its $400 street price (MSRP $510), an Alaskan sheep-hunter GT reader had recommended his .308-chambered SPS "youth" gun as a steal, opining that because it was marketed to beginners, it was priced lower than similar guns. We found his recommendation to be right on the mark, along with the SPS's ability to shoot.

Our test ammos for these .243s showed a range of utility designed to express flaws in the barrels' rifling (we thought). From lightest to heaviest, they were Federal Premium Vital-Shok 85-grain Sierra Gameking boattail hollow points, No. P243D; Winchester Supreme 95-grain Ballistic Silvertips, No. SBST243A; and Remington's Express Core-Lokt 100-grain pointed soft points, No. R243W3. Also, as part of barrel break-in, we shot Remington 80-grain Express Rifle rounds, No. 243W1, but we did not collect accuracy or chronograph data with these rounds.

Shirt-Tucker Holsters: Are They Practical, or Just Pipedreams?

Its just about summertime again, and as the jackets come off, the ability to hide ones weapon becomes more difficult. Here are three ways to do it from Galco, DeSantis, and Hoffners.

Binoculars Test, Part I: Leupold 10x40s Beat Bushnell, Steiner

We examined six pairs of optics ranging in price from just under $300 to nearly $1,700 to see if price really has an impact on ease of use and performance. First up, models under $900.

TDA .40 S&W Pistols: Vertec Beats Cougar and 4013TSW

You can't go wrong with the sexy Italian $875 Beretta Cougar Inox or the all-American $940 S&W 4013TSW. But our first pick is the slightly larger $758 Beretta 96 Vertec.

Getting Bores Clean: Copper Solvents Require Elbow Grease

We test Sweet's 7.62 Solvent, Accubore, Shooter's Choice Copper Remover, Montana X-treme 50 BMG, Sports Care Copper Cleaning Gel, and Tetra-Gun Copper Solvent.

Laser Range Finder Binoculars: Bushnell, Wind River, NewCon Optiks Tested

In a comparison of optical quality, user-friendly features, and prices, we find these units can quickly and accurately answer the questions of "Where?" and "How far?" with precision.

.308 Tactical Bolt Actions: Package Versus Custom Built

Thinking of trying long-distance shots? Savage Arms makes it reasonably affordable. Roger David's Gun Shop makes it special.

A Pair of High-Dollar 1911s: Nowlin Versus Rock River Arms

High-grade 1911s can do a multitude of tasks for their owners. The jobs can include NRA target shooting, various action-oriented competitions, hunting, and of course self-defense. In this report we look at two relatively high-dollar 1911s to see how well they might work for any task to which a good .45 might be put. The companies who made the guns suggested these are target-grade or match-specific weapons. Yet each came with very similar and rather special modifications that told us the story only began with accurate target busting.

Packing a 1911 .45 Comfortably, Or How To Live With Ol Ugly Every Day

Some of the holsters weve tried have been useless and some have been as good as it gets. Heres a brief rundown on several holsters that have served some of us extremely well.

‘Background Check’ Rule Is Coming For You

On April 11, 2024, the Biden Administration’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives issued a new rule to expand background-check requirements for private...