Press Release

Browning introduces new Night Seeker Pro Cap Light, expands Black Ice Flashlight line-up

MORGAN, UTAH — Browning expands its’ line of flashlights with the addition of the new Night Seeker Pro Cap Light, Black Ice Long-Run Summit Headlamps, Pro Hunter lights.

Champion Unveils New DuraSeal Self-Sealing Target

ONALASKA, Wis. – Champion Traps & Targets® announces DuraSeal™ Spinner Targets. Available in spring 2008 and offered in a prairie dog configuration (single and multi-dog options), the new DuraSeal™ Spinner Targets (MSRP: $16.95-$34.95) features either 5½” or 7” targets that are counter-weighted for maximum wobble and spin.

Champion Offers New Pellet Trap to Airgun Enthusiasts

ONALASKA, Wis. –Champion Traps and Targets, introduces their new Airgun Pellet Trap (MSRP: $32.49)—available spring 2008.

Champion Offers New Line of Shell Pouches for Shotgunners

ONALASKA, Wis. – Champion now offers comfortable, stylish shell pouches for shotgunners (MSRP: $21.49-$26.49). Available in spring 2008.

Shooters Ridge Expands 10/22 Line to Include Custom Stocks & Target Barrels

ONALASKA, Wis. – Shooters Ridge introduces a new line of 10/22 custom stocks and LR target barrels available in spring 2008.

Shooters Ridge Goes Ape with the Gorilla Range Bag

ONALASKA, Wis. – Shooters Ridge introduces the new Gorilla Range Bag. The Gorilla Range Bag (MSRP: $74.49) is a sectional, filled rest that can be used in eight different configurations. Available in the spring 2008.

Gunslick Introduces New AR-15 Pull-Through Kit

Gunslick demonstrates their support of law enforcement, armed forces and ”black gun” shooters with a product designed specifically for AR-15’s. Introducing the Gunslick AR-15 Pull-Through Kit (MSRP: $23.49)—available spring of 2008.

Shooters Ridge Goes Deluxe with New Bi-pod

ONALASKA, Wis. – Shooters Ridge introduces a new bi-pod certain to get shooters on game faster and steadier than ever before. Introducing the new Shooters Ridge Deluxe Bi-pod (MSRP: $145.49)—available in spring 2008.

Browning Citori 625 Introduced for 2008

…MORGAN, UTAH — Browning has introduced the new Citori 625, which has Vector Pro™ extended forcing cones, a new modified trigger, and other features.

Browning Introduces New MicroBlast LED Flashlights

…Browning's new MicroBlast finger-sized lights take up little more space than a tube of lip balm.

Browning Expands Gun Accessory Line for 2008

Browning has expanded its gun accessory line of products for 2008 to include three new series of shooting bags, shell pouches and shell carriers

Browning X-Bolt — The New Benchmark in Bolt-Action Rifle Design

The bolt-action rifle market is forever changed with the introduction of the all new Browning X-Bolt for 2008. The X-Bolt builds on the proven success of past Browning rifles, and adds numerous improvements that will position the X-Bolt at the top of bolt actions offered.

Gun News, Good and Bad

Over the past three years, historic numbers of Americans legally purchased a firearm. According to Larry Keane, senior vice president and general counsel of...