December 11, 2007

Ruger SR9 9mm

Ruger SR9 9mm

We'd pay extra for refining the trigger and adding paddle-style thumb safeties.

Upon first impression it is easy to see why the SR9 draws comparison to the Browning 1911. The grip had a narrow, flat profile, and the slide sported a slab-side cut with cocking serrations to the rear. The polished sides set off a matte finish on top. We located frame-mounted thumb safeties on each side, as well as a button-style magazine release.

Firing from a 4.1-inch barrel, the profile of the SR9 clearly mirrored a Commander-sized 1911. This is not the first time Ruger has copied the 1911. Post-war Bullseye competitors sought out the Ruger 22/45 pistol so that the feel of their rimfire weapon would more closely match their centerfire pistol.

Like the rimfire 22/45 pistols, the SR9 also offers less expensive practice via more economical ammunition. But packed with 17+1 rounds, the SR9 is also a serious defensive weapon. Its sister gun, the SR10, is identical but shipped with 10-round magazines to suit certain state laws. All 17 rounds in the magazine sat stowed in a trim package that did not require a thick grip or a magazine extension. In fact, the basepad of the magazine fit flush with the flat-sided grip. The magazine offered viewing holes on each side for quick confirmation of capacity. The basepad was removable.

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