January 19, 2013

SIG Sauer 1911 C3 No. 19GS0031 45 ACP

In the opinion of many experienced shooters, the 45 Auto is the caliber of choice in self-defensive pistols. However, most of these guns, like the classic 1911 Colt, are big and heavy. Therefore, they often get left behind for a lighter piece, which generally is of lower power. If you still want the power of a 45, why not go to a smaller and lighter gun?

Some of us had come to believe the Colt CCO was the finest 45 available. However, the last version of it, called the Gunsite number O9840CGP, is now discontinued. But fear not, the SIG Sauer 1911 C3 is here, and is an even better, more refined version of the CCO. And it’s cheaper.

Our first impression of the SIG C3 was that someone had stolen the CCO we had on hand, and had copied it in great detail. Only the engraving was missing. Then we noticed some differences, and on inspection these became very significant, entirely in the favor of SIG Sauer. First up were the thin grips. After handling the CCO we grasped the C3 with its grip of slim, fancy-wood panels, and immediately liked it. These make the gun feel smaller and lighter, and about half as thick as the CCO. The slim grip panels were checkered in a pleasing pattern that left smooth wood under the thumb and index finger.

Sig Sauer 1911

Courtesy, Gun Tests

We thought the SIG Sauer looked a bit cleaner than the Colt CCO. The C3 moniker comes from “Concealed Carry Compact,” SIG tells us. There’s an even more rounded version that we haven’t seen yet. We liked the thin wood grips, the finish details, and the accuracy.

The mainspring housing was checkered steel, not plastic. The frame also had a finely checkered front strap, something lacking—and needed—on the CCO. The well-done handle of the C3 put the Colt in second place, said our test crew. The entire gun had been dehorned, just like all the aftermarket work done to the CCO by its owner. There were no offending sharp edges anywhere. There was an external extractor behind the ejection port. The slide was matte stainless, with a smooth top that lent distinction to the overall look of this pistol. It was our impression the setup of this gun had been influenced by the experiences of real-world shooters, not corporate executives.

The dovetailed front sight of the SIG was not as slanted at its rear as that of the CCO, so we expected it to grab on the front of our Bachman Slide. It did. Ordinary holsters won’t have that problem. The rear sight was a Novak, adjustable by drifting, and locked with a small Allen screw. The sights had green tritium inserts, and the sight picture was excellent.

Sig Sauer 1911

Courtesy, Gun Tests

The CCO, on top, has its integral rib cross-hatched by a metal-checkering file to cut glare. This works well, though you can’t tell it from this photo. The SIG Sauer slide has a smooth, plain top that showed off the excellent metal finish. Both guns had the front sights set into dovetails. The SIG had a retaining roll pin through it.

Takedown was classic 1911. As on the CCO, there was no spring rod at the front, and we had no trouble at all taking this fine handgun apart nor in putting it back together. Fit and finish inside and out were outstanding, superior to that of the Colt and Kahr. To our surprise we found a firing-pin lock in the SIG’s slide.

On the range, the 4.6-pound trigger felt about as good as that of the CCO. Recoil was essentially identical, but accuracy with all loads was superior to that of the CCO. Our best groups were clusters around an inch with Winchester 230-grain ball. We had one failure to feed with Cor-Bon 185-grain ammo, the only failure with this handgun. Accuracy with Cor-Bon in this gun was the worst of any ammo tried. Yet Cor-Bon gave the finest (qualified) accuracy with the Kahr. Obviously any serious handgun needs serious testing with your chosen ammo.

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while there has been alot of comment on the C-3,i wasone of the first,i now have their new Ultra-Compact 45ACP with a 3.3in barrel.this new pistol is great.at 15yrd. i can hold 1.25 lat. & 2.25 vert.it just loves the hot ammo..SIG sure does have it wired on firearms!

Posted by: gmar | February 20, 2012 10:58 AM    Report this comment

I'm sorry I used to be impressed with Army 45 cal pistols and then I got my 10mm SW-1076 that
the weenies at the FBI said had too much recoil.
What wussies they were. ( women and accountants etc) The 10mm is comparable to 357 magnum and way more effective than the 45 ACP ever could dream to be.

Posted by: preventec47 | February 3, 2012 4:59 PM    Report this comment

Bought a C3 an It shoots with my Wilson QCB and my Kimber Tac pro. had a few mishaps with last rd going to chamber. with Wilson mags . Sig says gun needs to befired 100 times to get broken in They Say any way. It's a fine weapon Look and you can find them under $800

Posted by: ldubu | November 24, 2011 12:31 PM    Report this comment

Nice review of the Sig 1911. I looked at them, and the slide to frame action is smooth as silk. I was very impressed. Only problem is ... which model to choose.

Posted by: sig225 | September 7, 2011 4:41 AM    Report this comment

My C3 W/CT = 800 + tx = happy face! Fired 3.5 gr bullseye 185 gr lead,
'43 230 gr hb,new Rem 230 hb and 8gr unique 185 xtp with no hiccups

Am pleased with results of initial testing.

Posted by: xhumbug | April 8, 2011 10:14 AM    Report this comment

thought I would see what the price was. Have opportunity to get 10th mtn commemarative in both tSig 1911 Stainless with 5" Match barrel and the P220 in choice of cal. Gonna get both, 45 in 1911 and 40 for my wife in P220. The original design of the 1911 was to not just hit but blow back the Mora tribesmen of the Phillipines. It still does that 105 yrs later. To me I don't care about 125 yd head shots with a pistol, no matter what the cal. But then I wouldn't use my 50 BMG for 125 yd head shots either. M4A3 does just fine. As the saying goes "the pistol is used just to get to the long gun" Really enjoy reading the comments though. Still don't know the cost. Doesn't really make any difference at 849 for the 45 and 436 for the 40 cal it's a no brainer. Buy em both for the price of the Kimber with the Crimson trace

Posted by: trk3 | March 27, 2011 12:33 PM    Report this comment

You know what makes any gun - including 1911's and all the variants uber reliable? SHOOTING THEM! Even a tight target gun will wear in a lot if shot enough. I wonder how many guys that have any 1911 they don't consider reliable haven't shot them enough?

Posted by: Markbo | March 25, 2011 7:47 PM    Report this comment

Bought a C3 w/criimson trace grips (new model) last week.
Looked at Kimber - it had lighter trigger BUT I didn't like having to use
a paper clip to break it down + fact I would have to spring $300 more
for CT grips. C3 will take my 185 gr lead hand loads as well as Gold Cup

Posted by: xhumbug | March 24, 2011 1:08 PM    Report this comment

Sig Is OK I am Looking at this baby for my Reliability Collection's But Reliability is Priceless! Wilson And Better Yet Ex Employe's of WC >>BlackHawk For Life Second Choice Kimber 3rd Springfeild 4th Colt(rebuilt Custom at WC),& Cheapie And A Reliable Legacy Citadel CD1911,.45 cal. a 1000 rounds since Jan 011 and still ticking

Posted by: nvvarmenter | March 17, 2011 1:57 PM    Report this comment

While I will forever be a fan of caliber .45 ACP and .45 Colt, like tovlogos I am also very much enamored with the .357 SIG. It is a great round, and I presently own four pistols chambered .357 SIG. I presently have on my hip a SIG Sauer P239 in .357, and I also enjoy swapping out with my SIG Sauer P2340 in the same caliber. Along the way, I ran into a S&W Sigma in .357, and I liked it so much that I ran out and got a S&W M&P357. Now wouldn't it be fun if Ruger came out with a Blackhawk or Vaquero with a .357 barrel and interchangeable cylinders in .357 Magnum, .357 SIG, and 9mmX19?

Posted by: canovack | January 25, 2011 9:56 AM    Report this comment

I didn't like the limited effective range of the .45. A 10mm can do everything a .45 can and go much farther with lasting power. For carry I'll take the .357 sig any day over a .45.

Posted by: tovlogos | January 24, 2011 9:08 PM    Report this comment

I wonder what the great big little man, Elmer, would think about all of this?

Posted by: Haul Truck 773 | January 22, 2011 4:31 PM    Report this comment

Well andy0007 you are about as full of shit as a xmas turkey. As putemdown45 said have you ever shot a hopped up human with a 9mm versis a 45, I think not. Been through 3 different conflicts, 5 yrs total combat (I said combat not combat tour), still alive thanks to colt 45 auto. Get a life "andy0007the dipwad".

Posted by: firstsoldier | January 21, 2011 3:11 AM    Report this comment

125 yd. head shots with a pistol? Horse-puckey! Almost nobody can make that shot - even active military - in a defensive situation, no matter how good the gun. Those who do are probably more lucky than good (lucky is better than dead however). And 125 yds is what the carbine you bought is for so use it.

I don't know about anyone else, but where I live I'd have a damned hard time explaining to a judge and jury that I pulled out my pistol and shot at somebody 325 feet away because I was in fear of my life. Unless he had a rifle that is - and in that case I'd better be running for cover, not plinking away with a pistol.

Posted by: rev_dave | January 20, 2011 5:24 PM    Report this comment

I would like to express my gratitude to Bill Clinton and The Brady Bunch for enacting their "Assault Weapons Ban"- probably the greatest possible marketing boost for single stack .45 ACP handguns in history!
Thanks to them we are now literally awash in a flood of exquisite 1911s.
The Sig is just one more beautiful example.

I am also enamored of the effect Oh-Boy-ma has had on the AR15 market - but I could have done without the ammo shortage and ensuing price jacking.

Posted by: Dragonchow | January 20, 2011 3:06 PM    Report this comment

I have a Sig P238, P229 Elite .40, a P229 Elite Platinum 9mm, and just got a C3 last week. My pride and joy are my Kimbers, as they are customized and fun to shoot. That said, the C3 is, without a doubt, much more accurate, better constructed and has a better design than any of my Kimbers. At this point, 600 rnds, not a single hic-up, and all my Sigs perform and maintain better than the Kimbers. Imagine that!

Posted by: Harley4 | January 20, 2011 2:40 PM    Report this comment

Ya' think? ;)

Posted by: Markbo | January 20, 2011 1:51 PM    Report this comment

Just a note? I believe the reference to Keith Elmer was meant to be to Elmer Keith who was the developer (perhaps with others involved) of the .357 magnum and .44 magnum cartridges.

Posted by: BigIron | January 20, 2011 1:37 PM    Report this comment

I own and love my Sig 229 in 357 Sig cal. It fits my hand, is comfortable to shoot and has the stopping power I want. It is very accurate with all loads but favors Hornady 124 gr JHP/XTP ammo. I use it daily as my person carry weapon. I put on Crimson laser sights and this is a marriage made in heaven. I put on the laser sights as a deterrent but as added insurance if I need to pull the trigger. I own several pistols but favor my Sigs. I have never had a miss feed or failure to fire incident with this load. I feel that Sigs are worth the money and are very reliable.

Posted by: esqlaw44 | January 20, 2011 12:46 PM    Report this comment

I purchased my first .45 ACP back in 1964 for $90.00 brand new in the box. It is a Colt Government Model, beautiful to behold and a pleasure to shoot. I also own a Para Ordnance P12-45 and a GI Colt M1911A1. They are all great pistols, but my favorite carry .45s are the double action variety. I routinely carry a SIG P220 Compact, which I dearly love. Right now, I have a Mauser M2 .45 ACP in a pancake holster on my hip, Other .45s in my collection include an Astra A-100, a SIG P245, a Taurus 24/7 Pro, and a Smith & Wesson Night Guard Revolver. I love them all, and I prefer carrying any and all of them over any 1911s since I just cannot abide carrying a pistol that is cocked and locked. Perhaps it's just a personal prejudice with me, but I feel infinitely safer carrying a handgun with it's hammer down rather than cocked and just waiting to slip down.

Posted by: canovack | January 20, 2011 11:47 AM    Report this comment

I own and shoot 1911's from several manufactures and custom armories. The Sig Sauer C3 and the RCS are two of the best shooting .45 caliber handguns that I have. I carry the RCS every day - all day. It is only switched out once-in-a while with the C3 and my Kimber Super Carry Pro.

Posted by: UnkaDave | November 25, 2010 7:25 PM    Report this comment

Thanks Markbo. Hey yall id still love to hear from somebody that has some trigger time with the C3,i carry a gunsite cco and would like to put it away, but wont until i find a GOOD replacement. I do like the COMPACT cdpll however that version is hard to find in my area. (dont like buying online) On a side note i just got a P238 HD and i must say, its a sweet, run to the store pocket gun. Better groups than my mustang pocketlite.

Posted by: pmedic920 | October 25, 2010 9:07 PM    Report this comment

Pmedic, you would be hard pressed to find a better 1911 for the same money. I won't trade off my Kimber Pro Carry for one, but it is definitely a nice version.

Posted by: Markbo | October 6, 2010 8:35 AM    Report this comment

Sorry yall, i forgot why i started reading the thread. does anybody have any feedback on the sig c3? I think i want one but havent seen much one way or the other. Looking for some good info before i spring the hard earned $$$

Posted by: pmedic920 | October 5, 2010 12:25 AM    Report this comment

this is a great thread. first time poster. I am a paramedic, over 20yrs in the Houston area, I too have seen the results/aftermath. I have a XD40 with taclite that stays bedside, for home protection and a gunsite cco for c/c. I do not own a 9mm. MOST of you make good arguments, however TRUE results speak volumes over,opinions.

Posted by: pmedic920 | October 5, 2010 12:16 AM    Report this comment

I carry a .380 OH NO! but I practice, practice, pratice. I would say, A well placed shot is essential in eleminating a human enemy. I also say I do not worry about the .45 auto or the .9mm comparison as I am comfortable and accurate with the .380, it will do the job intended. Also one note; there is a wide range of defensive ammo to choose from that enhances the effect on a human target this also needs to be considered in your discussion.But this is about the SIG 1911 which I am about to buy because I do like the .45 auto in the 1911 configuration. I own a Colt WW-1 model in the civlion form s/n c-4xxx made in april 1912, but I have used some Colt models I do not care for, they are cheesy to the feel and look. (not to desparige the Colt Arms fans, but true)So as stated I am buying the SIG 45 C3 for target shooting and to add to my collection before the gobbment decided we the people can not own a hogleg.

Posted by: ttriffic02 | July 12, 2010 1:41 PM    Report this comment

The seals do carry a wide range of firearms, I knew one that had a Sig 225 (9mm) back in the 80's. However, I do know they are heavy into Heckler & Koch weapons, my favorite.

Posted by: Robert J | March 19, 2010 8:01 AM    Report this comment

Of course some would take what others say out of context,when i mentioned that the navy seals main side arm is a sig 9mm i am correct as far as other armament carried there is no disagreement but i thought that this particular topic being discussed was about a side arm caliber and not smg's or rifles of any other type. I guess i misread or skipped over something so you are right and also a squad of 8 seals carries usually 4000 rounds between them and between their side arms (which yes is their back-up to their primary firearm)and in most cases is the 9mm mp5. No i am not a navy seal just an old dog face soldier, and i sure wasn't trying to get an argument started over nothing just stating some opinion over weapon caliber which is what this thread is all about and just making some correlation and statements about such facts. so carry what you want because as far as caliber, first and foremost you have too hit your target, second bullit expansion and weight retention is also a key in any caliber, so if you can control a 9mm-40cal-45-acp whatever and have good follow up shots that is all thats going to matter in the end. And i have not read the book Hell i was there but i will try and get a copy, anything i know about Keith Elmer is just small snippets and write-ups from gun sources. And please check the sig web site to see that the special model p226 with the gold anchor rolled on the slide is a navy seal model and also mentions that the texas rangers also chose to carry this model and other U.S. government agencies. Let's not turn this whole thing into a democratic gun grabbing issue, so shoot straight and make every shot count.

Posted by: Jeff H | March 18, 2010 9:17 AM    Report this comment

Just to clarify those elite forces and what they carry the navy seals carry the sig p226 in 9mm and they say when i put 2 rounds to your heart and one too your head you won't care what caliber it is. And also i believe i read where Keith Elmer said it best 1 well placed round is better then 6 missed with a 44 magnum. does anybody old enough remember the old onion field case in California many years ago? If i recall some hiway patrol men with powerful magnums lost out to very small calibers because of poor control and missed shots with the more powerful loads. Let's also remember that for the longest time all police departments used the 38 caliber. I carry a sig 239 in 9mm or a taurus 85 snubbie with 38+p's. So shoot what you want and what you can control, remember shot placement is the key. A firm believer in the 2nd ammendment.

Posted by: Jeff H | March 13, 2010 8:59 PM    Report this comment

Here...Here MG_50...my Para .45 SSP has never failed me...nor did my Colt .45 in Vietnam.

Semper Fi....

Kindest Regards....

In God We Trust......

Posted by: Geometric1 | March 12, 2010 9:53 PM    Report this comment

And that is true for good guns - you will pay a price! But the question is about the Sig 1911 .45 and I am interested to see one. A good friend loves Sig, as do everyone I know that have owned them. The 1911 is a lasting design. Say what you will, the commodity issue agencies go for other styles, but the spacial ops and swat types often carry 1911 with its slow, old fashioned .45 cal that puts PEOPLE (not deer, not stop signs, PEOPLE) down, and usually with one well placed round. Any gun can kill if that is the argument you want to make. That;s what they are designed to do - some better than others. The 1911 design has survived and the people that use that tool regularly and depend on it often select the 1911 design... or other .45's. If you combine Sig's exemplary workmanship and the tried and true 1911, well, I'll try one on for sure. Might even replace my Para 1911 LTC... but I doubt it. ;^)

Posted by: MG_50 | March 12, 2010 9:30 PM    Report this comment

We are free to do whatever we wish, we have but to be willing to pay the price.

Posted by: MG_50 | March 12, 2010 9:18 PM    Report this comment

HEY!!! 45putemdown...what the heck are you doing shootin' stop signs anyway!!!
At ease soldier!!! LOL!!!

Kindest Regards....

In God We Trust.....

Posted by: Geometric1 | March 12, 2010 12:27 PM    Report this comment

wild romainian thats here say thruogh a book. i am not saying it happened or not. however as far as .45 not penetrating a helmet i dont know either. but what i do know is ths a .45 leaves a bigger dent on a stop sign. but does not go through. a 9mm does the same but with smaller and less of a dent. i know that if you get a pressure treated 4x4 post made of wood the 45 wil penetrate fully,357mag too 10mm too,44mag. as far as the high quality 124 gold dot it failed to penetrate. this isnt out of a book but did with my own to hands and saw with my own 2 eyes. let me ask you this if its a superior round then why do very few law agencys not carry 9mm and found the compromise of .40 throughout the nation??? nine has come in and gone. still a great round but the debate is between.40 and .45 for civlians and law enforcement.

Posted by: 45putemdown | March 12, 2010 12:18 PM    Report this comment

I am a SIG dealer, firearms instructor. SIG's are great weapons, but I do love my Colt. Static shock tests have confirmed what most of us already know, the 45 ACP puts humans down and keeps them there. I do agree with firstsoldier, weapons are like pants, if its not comfortable all you'll do is fidget when you need to be doing.
The Gun Guy Here

Posted by: The Gun Guy Here | March 12, 2010 10:47 AM    Report this comment

buncha gun geex

Posted by: bigdumbguy | March 12, 2010 9:26 AM    Report this comment

Wild Turkey and Para SSP lover back here...and neither one is cheap...LOL!!!

Kindest Regards...

In God We Trust....

Posted by: Geometric1 | March 12, 2010 8:16 AM    Report this comment

Well, well, well, the 9mm vs 45 debate never ends does it? I say; carry what you are effective and comfortable with. Drive what you wish regardless of fuel economy, and never, ever drink cheap whiskey. Spike

Posted by: spike723 | March 12, 2010 8:08 AM    Report this comment

Got an old POC Slabside that's been around damn near as long as I have and it's all the .45 I'll ever need. Big difference between WANT and NEED.

Posted by: firstsoldier | March 12, 2010 4:37 AM    Report this comment

I concur with Markbo. Can we keep this to the Sig Sauer in debate. I love Sig's and .45's. This new pistol sounds perfect for me. So anyone with solid experience with the Sig 1911-C3, please speak up. If not At Ease.

Posted by: Bradley W | March 11, 2010 8:33 PM    Report this comment

SIG is a great firearm...shot several...like 'um...but nothing beats my .45 Para 1911 SSP. And yes...that is a period!
Kindest Regards...
In God We Trust.....

Posted by: Geometric1 | March 11, 2010 7:47 PM    Report this comment

great site

Posted by: gmar | March 11, 2010 6:04 PM    Report this comment

I love my Colt 1911 Custom and especially my Colt Defender but nothing compares to my SIG P220. It's more accurate, superb handling and considerably easier to break down. This pistol is very close in size, weight and price (cheaper!) to the 1911C3. Try one -- you'll buy it and carry it!

Posted by: Trigger | March 11, 2010 5:39 PM    Report this comment

Which bullets - exactly - were you using in each caliber?

Posted by: Markbo | March 11, 2010 2:51 PM    Report this comment

At the end of WWII the U.S. Armed services conducted secret pistol caliber trials, specifically the Inglis Browning 9mm v/s the 1911 45acp (see the book "The Inglis Diamond"). It was found that the .45 failed to penetrate a G.I. Helmet at 35 yards but the 9x19 penetrated the helmet at an astonishing 125 yards and possible could have done it at even longer yardage but the accuracy and skills of the shooters made this difficult. This is when the U.S. began to realize the superiority in combat of the 9x19.

In one test I conducted shooting 185 grain expanding bullets in the 1911 proved a failure when shooting deer as close as 15 yards. The 9x19 killed them easily at such ranges and at ranges many yards beyond this.

Posted by: wild romanian | March 11, 2010 2:44 PM    Report this comment

Wow. I have never read so much misinformtion in one place in my life. And almost NOTHING about the topic. Please fellahs... go to THR or whatever forum you need to debate. Let's stick to the story about this SIG. Fair enough?

Posted by: Markbo | March 11, 2010 1:41 PM    Report this comment

I shoot a .475 Linebaugh when I go animal hunting but I use a .45acp 1911 as my personal defense weapon. So do, I might add, do all the SWAT team members, Special Forces, NAVY Seals and every firearms instructor who teaches at Front Site, Thunder Ranch, etac. who are my customers. I can't argue with their choice of weapon or caliber.

Posted by: westcoastguns | March 11, 2010 1:14 PM    Report this comment

you guys are like little kids arguing about
candy bars. 10mm is the only undisputed hi
cap hi power round that can do it all. Well that is if you are big enough to shoot it. The FBI had to back away from it because the LADIES and wimps couldnt handle it.
For Cris sakes, the 10mm EAA Witness Steel has
15 rounds plus one in chamber and as a copy
of the CZ pistol is reliable and CHEAP.
Quit playing around and if serious git a 10mm
otherwise you are just gun masturbating.

Posted by: preventec47 | March 11, 2010 11:13 AM    Report this comment

The 1911 45 ACP is the first truly automatic pistol of the 19th century.
For many years, and with much honor has done its job of weapon defense, then they started to WONDERNINES by all who are regarded as better weapons, more modern and better suited to current needs.
IMHO, I think still very valid 1911.
The 45Acp and the 9mm. have an effect different terminal, but in the end are both two good weapons that are very good at their job.
The WONDER, are produced by all, CZ, S & W, H & K, Springfield, Glock, Beretta, SIG, Walther ,.... and for this there are countless variations.
All fans of weapons, sooner or later always buy a 1911, because the charm and the pleasure of having a 1911 never sets.

Posted by: Aktarus | March 11, 2010 10:36 AM    Report this comment

hey andy0007 i forgot have you read that LAPD swat had chosen the kimber 45ACP alomg with many other law enforcment and military agencies. why would one of the most active police dept. swat teams choose the old outdated weapon you describe? the were not the only one tested. there were atleat 5 other pistol manufactures that went along for the test. unfortantly they were not posted as to who they were. however kimber was the #1 CHOICE. how outdated of a concept is the single action 1911?

Posted by: 45putemdown | March 5, 2010 4:38 PM    Report this comment

andy0007 listen i have had atleast 1 of almost all 45acp and many others. the one i trust is my kimber ultra carry2 old? what are you nuts very accurate light weight flawless and just a great carry piece. i had them all and the one i trust is the old antiquated design. i just bought a glock 30sf like it but like the kimber ultra carry better. more accurate and the glock actually had 2 misfeeds in 100rounds. maybe a break in period? never happened with the kimber. why do most people seek out 45 for there carry? and why are alot of those people seek out 1911? why is kimber out of stock in most kimber dealers who only make 1911 45acp??? i think you might want to reconsider your opinion

Posted by: 45putemdown | March 5, 2010 4:26 PM    Report this comment

hey jeffrey o and to the rest of you who think you know.let me tell ya, there is a huge difference between 9mm and 45 acp.you can take all the FBI tests, lab tests, and every other test and jam them you know where. when you hunted at close range you didnt shoot a human did you? i dont think so. now i have had 2 uncles who served in vietnam, a grand father in world war 2, and a friends father who would share storys very rarely about his expeirence. the one thing in common with all of these men is they carry the 1911. in a round about way they all siad the same. THE 45ACP IS A NIGHTMARE TO GET HIT WITH. i say this with emphasis. whether you get hit in the arm, leg, head, or chest. i never hear of too many living through 45acp. 9mm most are survivors. all this being siad i was traveling for work and was home invaded which was a life altering expierence. i carry a compact 1911 with 230gr. 7+1 and thank god i will never trust my life to anything elese. i was justified in what i did. fortanatly this was in miami florida and down there deadly force in the home is taken seriously. there in your home you kill them and there is no way civil action can be taken when defending your home. so before any one thinks 9mm is as effective as a 45acp check your facts from first hand hands on. peace

Posted by: 45putemdown | March 5, 2010 4:15 PM    Report this comment

Very good point andy0007, I remember when we switched over in the military from .45 Colts to 9mm Berreta's. Our 1911 .45's were not very reliable and the Berreta's almost never failed to shoot. Then I was really happy when we got H&K's, which IMHO are the most reliable gun I have ever had along with Sig's. The 1911 does have a sweet trigger system for target shooting. Bullet placement is the most important issue, most people shoot 9mm better than .45 cal. Actually my favorite carry is the .40 cal., best of both worlds high cap., managable recoil, good stopping power.

Posted by: Robert J | August 7, 2009 7:35 AM    Report this comment

I don't know why the fascination with an old, antiquainted design which has not been able to pass a military qualification test since the Korean War. Why spend 1,000 on a .45 and then another 1,000 to make it work reliably when for about $550 you can have a Glock in any caliber you want and it will shoot 20,000 rounds without a cleaning and minimal lubrication (2 lifetimes for an alloy framed .45 pistol)? The .45 pistol is 1/4 the value.

Momentum and cross sectional area, which are the only attributes that a 230 grain round at 750 fps have in abundance, are only good at knocking down steel plates, IMHO. Police aren't even issuing .45 ACP pistols anymore because they can't reliably penetrate car doors and other concealment.

If 99% of the victims at the trauma center receive survivable wounds, it is because 100% of the shooters are untrained gang-bangers. The .45 shooters are probably more seasoned individuals paid a lot of money to get their guns reliable and who have trained hard to place their .45 slugs well. This shooting statistic is irrelevant and misleading.

Posted by: andy0007 | August 7, 2009 12:52 AM    Report this comment

Comment by: Marv S/August 06,2009
The Sig looks pretty good. I've fired a Sig 9mm, model unknown I borrowed from a shooting pal. Liked the way it handled. Don't care for the caliber.

To show how long it has been since I bought a 45, my Colt Combat Commander, steel frame has only once showed a sign of failing to feed/eject. Poor box of reloads. I paid around $260 for it when I was stationd at Ft. Bliss. Times change. Accurate, reliable and handles well.

Posted by: mudby4 | August 6, 2009 2:21 PM    Report this comment

James E, Sig just came out with a small 1911 style pistol in .380 cal. For some a .380 is adequate and others claim it to small. I judge people on how well they shoot, not the size cal. they carry. I have not seen one yet, just in the magazines.

Posted by: Robert J | July 31, 2009 10:37 AM    Report this comment

You can't argue with physics. For self-defense (by definition, close range), few cartridges beat the 45.

When F = ma, a high velocity 9mm may have the same F as a low velocity .45, but if the 9 passes through a body, it doesn't have time to expand fully and impart its full Force on the offender.

A low velocity .45 that fully expands and stops inside the offender imparts every foot-pound of Force into the body of the offender.

That's why 6 or 7 rounds from a 1911 will always be worth more than 15 from a hi-cap 9mm, and why people who know prefer the .45.

The SIGs are really nice weapons. When SIG makes a concealable, short-barrelled 1911, I'll get one. For now, their 1911 offerings aren't small enough for my tastes and I'll keep my Kimber CDP II.

Posted by: James E | July 29, 2009 10:22 PM    Report this comment

I am a SIG dealer in Phoenix, SIG has had some issues with parts, you may wait a bit but it will come.
SIG (coming from a colt guy who is also a firearm instructor) is one of the best semi to full custom 1911's on the market. This is a very nice weapon system, much nicer than a Taurus, S/W, Wilson, Kimber, rates along with a Night-Hawk without the mortgage to buy it.
The Gun Guy Here

Posted by: The Gun Guy Here | July 29, 2009 1:20 AM    Report this comment

I work in a level one trauma center. The most common gunshot wounds we see are multiple hits from a 9mm, 99+ percent of whom survive. The rarest we see,that is, make it to the hospital are those from a .45acp. The last (and only) two that came in over the last year were "code traumas" who were essentially DOA. Neither survived. There is no substitute for shot placement but under less than optimum conditions a heavier bullet of larger caliber will always do a better job as a stopper.

Posted by: RON B | July 26, 2009 2:38 PM    Report this comment

SIG marketing materials say they use no MIM parts. The one I own but have not shot yet gives the appearance of very high quality manufacturing. The grips are beautifully made of rosewood. Appears to be exceptional.

Posted by: user | July 26, 2009 10:44 AM    Report this comment

1. Are any of the interal pats made of the newly developed "junk" MIM brittle castings? What is the slide made of, castings or bar stock? 2. The external extractor is inferior to the originally designed internal extractor as found on the "original 1911 design". 3. The heavy trigger pull is not to my liking either. 4. Lastly I would rather see the gun made in 9mm, lower recoil and superior penetration with expanding ammo. The superiority of the .45acp is a myth as my hunting experiences with it have found it kills no better than the 9mm at point blank range and the .45 acp is totally inferior once the range exceeds 25 yards.

Posted by: wild romanian | July 26, 2009 4:59 AM    Report this comment

I purchased one last year after reading about it. My local deal was impressed. This is an awesome gun, about 1000.00 and worth it. Shot a spent 20 gauge in a pumpkin dead center the spent primer. It's a Sig!

Posted by: macdude | July 23, 2009 10:18 PM    Report this comment

It's a Sig..............own 5 & a Kimber!, it doesn't get any better than a Sig

Posted by: Ken Johnson | July 23, 2009 7:17 PM    Report this comment

Another fine piece you can not buy in California

Posted by: Anders K | July 23, 2009 6:17 PM    Report this comment

I have a 220 , 220carry and a 245 I want one bad

Posted by: ldubu | July 23, 2009 5:12 PM    Report this comment

That's a slick piece. Won't go wrong with Sig/Sauer. Does it compare in price with the Taurus .45? I have two .45's, one is the Taurus, the other is a Kimber CDP II which cloverleafs rounds at 25 yards. The Kimber was mucho dinero. Wonder what the price is on this baby.

Posted by: DOUGLAS W | July 23, 2009 3:56 PM    Report this comment

After reading this article first published in February I ordered A C3 from mylocal dealer and was informed it would be in by June. I received an email today from Sig saying they are awaiting material from Germany. This is unbelievable. What do you think?

Posted by: Raymond Y | July 23, 2009 1:08 PM    Report this comment

I have been a subscriber to the hard copy for years. Wonderful Pub. Have no comment on the new SIG offering. Troy

Posted by: Troy | July 23, 2009 1:02 PM    Report this comment

Sure wish I could @ least get a look at one here in the Portland area. It's gotten so hard to find ammo @ a reasonable price I'm ready to start relaoading again.

Posted by: William E | July 23, 2009 12:19 PM    Report this comment

i have one & it is GREAT i took it home cleaned it lubed it added a Wilson buffer & went to the range.it is very very accurate.if you spent 3000.00 more you could not do better.

Posted by: gmar | July 23, 2009 11:25 AM    Report this comment

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