May 6, 2012

FN Police Shotgun No. 17674 12 Gauge Pump

Gun Tests recently tested an FN Police Shotgun 12-Gauge Pump No. 17674 that came with an extra stock for $270.

They asked a four-person test team to run through the gun and to see if the pump could stand up to the rigors of a Gun Tests evaluation. All in, they fired about 300 rounds of shotshells and slugs through the gun, some of them on the range but most in magazine-clearing speed shooting, the better to stress the operator and product and find out any flaws in the gun’s performance. Here’s what they found:

The FN Police Tactical shotgun came with two stocks. This shotgun was made by U.S. Repeating Arms in New Haven, CT, for FN Herstal. (Unfortunately, the New Haven plant is closing.) FNUSA lists two versions of the gun on its website, the 7+1 gun we tested (No. 17674) and a 4+1 gun (No. 17675). Two other “police”-marked pump shotguns FNUSA lists are the FN Tactical Police Shotgun and the FN Tactical Police Shotgun Fixed Stock. For our test gun, a 14-inch-barrel is sold to law enforcement on special order.

Gun Tests March 2006

If you don't need to chamber 3-inch shotshells in your home-defense gun, then this is a no-brainer. Gun Tests said this gun has everything you need: capacity, easy function, comfort, and a great price.

Elsewhere on our FN Police, we noticed it came with a post front sight and elevation adjustable tangent rear sight. Both sights were dovetailed in. The receiver was also drilled and tapped for mounting a scope or other sight. We liked the matte manganese phosphate finish. It did not reflect light.

The crossbolt safety was located in front of the trigger, and we found it largerand well made. There was no doubt when it clicked On or Off. It locked in and out of place like a safety should. When the safety was On and the gun wouldn’t fire, the shooter could not see red on the safety bolt, and the button sat nearly flush with the trigger guard, so he could easily tell by feeling it that it was on or off.

At the butt end of the gun, the FN Police used an actual recoil pad that is effective. Out front, the ridges on the forearm were pronounced, so the shooter’s hand is less likely to slip off when racking the slide. Also, the trigger group came out and went in with ease, a boon to maintenance.

Gun Tests March 2006

The ridges on the FN's forearm were more pronounced so the shooter's hand was less likely to slip off when racking the slide.

At the muzzle, this shotgun came with two screw-in choke tubes (IC and Modified). We used the IC choke for our testing, and we were happy with the patterns it produced at 20 feet. The gun shot to point of aim with birdshot and buckshot loads, and its adjustable sights allowed us to fine-tune where the slugs hit.

The FN functioned well with all of the 2.75-inch loads we tested, but it, too, had problems with some of the 3-inch shells. As a result, we would steer clear of 3-inch magnum ammunition in both guns, partly because it caused feeding problems, but also because 3-inch shells are overkill, in our view. The 3-inchers’ recoil is moderately to substantially greater, and the shells have a greater tendency to hang up on extraction. A high-brass 2.75-inch shell is plenty for any self-defense use, we feel, and in most cases standard or even reduced-velocity shotshells are fine, too.

This shotgun had sling swivels. The barrel was 2 inches shorter than others in the same category, yet it had a greater magazine capacity (7+1). The trigger had some take up, but it broke clean.

Gun Tests March 2006

Here's the kind of performance Gun Tests looks for from a self-defense shotgun. This tight pattern from a buckshot load would be enough to deter any intruder. The Sellier & Bellot loads are interesting because the clear plastic shows the pellets inside.

The additional Speed Feed SF 1 Tactical stock comes with a nice recoil pad and will hold four shotgun shells (two on each side) in the butt. We didn’t see a need to switch stocks. Eight rounds seemed like enough ammo for our needs. The receiver had a loading gate, which made it smooth and easy to load the magazine.

Gun Tests Recommends: FN Police Shotgun No. 17674 12-Gauge Pump, $270 retail. Best Buy. The FN Police Tactical Shotgun is a great buy at $270 (plus shipping and dealer transfer fee.

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Christmas before last I bought my son a New England Firearms Protector, about $200, only to learn that his wife had bought him an 870 tactical type gun. I kept the NEF for myself. It is basically a Remington clone accept for a slight hump on the rear of the receiver. Since Remington, HR/NEF and Marlin are all now owned by the same parent company I would say it is more a Remington copy rather than a knock off. For test purposes I used an 870 manual to disassemble the gun!
The first round I fired from it was a slug that took out the center of the bullseye. More luck than skill or gun, but everything else I fired went where it should go and patterned well. I fired everything from 7 1/2 shot to 4 shot to #4 buck to 00 buck to slugs and the little gun never missed a beat. If you are looking for an inexpensive well made 12 GA this gun is worth a look. I found it at Dick's sports.

Posted by: quiet man | May 24, 2012 11:56 AM    Report this comment

Every damned discussion thread I have opened, this morning, has been hacked with spam. C'mon GunReports; can't you fix this problem?

Posted by: canovack | May 24, 2012 11:00 AM    Report this comment

Just bought a new Mossberg 930 SPX, have put a pistol grip stock, aimpro tri-railon it so far .
Beautifully operating shotgun. I've fire approximately 500 rounds through it, from bird shot to OO buck. Haven't tried low recoil yet, but will. Great home defense weapon. Will be adding a light soon to the rail.

Posted by: HuckingFarley | May 11, 2012 8:43 PM    Report this comment

I guess this article is mute for new purchases. I've been buying used 870's when I run across a good deal. I've bought two lately to "put behind doors" one for $120 (870 magnum) and one for $140 (870 Wingmaster that came with extended mag tube). I'd like to get one of the fancy autoloaders but I can put an 870 behind every door in my house for what one of those cost.

Posted by: RiverManPaul | May 11, 2012 8:58 AM    Report this comment

Maybe gunbroker or auction arms may have one of these?

Posted by: Podkayne | May 11, 2012 8:52 AM    Report this comment

Bo44hica - did I say there was anything wrong with an 8 round shotgun? I think not, and I even said I'd buy one - truth is at that price maybe two. I'm merely interested in having one I don't have to stop to feed with single shells to keep loaded - something where I can drop an empty mag and shove in a full one every so often.

Posted by: david b | May 10, 2012 8:53 PM    Report this comment

Hmmm.....In view of the non-availability of this piece, I'd guess I'd best get a base line Remington 870. They're selling quite reasonably at gun shows. Also, one of my buried guns is a Norinco clone of the Remington 870 that I got NIB a few years back for less than $100.00 at a gun show.

Posted by: canovack | May 10, 2012 7:34 PM    Report this comment

Do they make a pistol grip for this gun or will other brands fit?

Posted by: shakatak | May 10, 2012 7:30 PM    Report this comment

I just checked the FN online catalog and they have NO pumps listed. A quick call to my neighbor who works at the Columbia SC plant confirms that there are none being made in SC. I guess its gun shows and pawn shops if you want one.

Posted by: quiet man | May 10, 2012 6:36 PM    Report this comment

The article is from 2006. The gun is probably not even made at this time, since the New Haven plant is closed. If it is still made it probably cost a lot more. I don't understand why Guntests re-runs articles like this. They are interesting reading, but if you can't buy the guns then what is the point.

Posted by: quiet man | May 10, 2012 6:25 PM    Report this comment

Davy B: "Greater capacity?" What's wrong with an 8 round tactical shotgun? Shouldn't require more rounds in the gun if you keep feeding it,
otherwise buy a "Street Sweeper" but it will cost you a lot more than $270, plus a BATF tax stamp.

Posted by: Bo44hica | May 10, 2012 4:48 PM    Report this comment

We got a gully washer today, in Central Texas!

Posted by: canovack | May 10, 2012 3:35 PM    Report this comment

Where can you buy this gun?

Posted by: The Man | May 10, 2012 3:28 PM    Report this comment

I would buy a gun like this just to hide in a cubby behind doors or such. But my interest lately is more in the range of finding shotguns with greater capacity.

Posted by: david b | May 10, 2012 3:14 PM    Report this comment

Looks like a great shotgun, it's also raining in San Antonio. Thank God.

Posted by: JRDOING | May 10, 2012 2:37 PM    Report this comment

Hey, Cecil..... It's raining! It's actually raining in Central Texas! It's not a heavy rain, but right now, we'll take any rain we can get.....

Posted by: canovack | May 8, 2012 11:12 AM    Report this comment

If it's as good as they say it is, and for $270.00.....likely even less.....this could be a pretty good deal. It might just qualify as a good "spare" to keep around for additional back-up requirements.

Posted by: canovack | May 8, 2012 11:06 AM    Report this comment

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