December 2008

Firing Line: 12/08

Re "Semi-Auto Carbines in 6.8 SPC and

308 Win: Socom II Wins," November 2008

I noticed in this article you used the Leupold Prismatic 1X14 Tactical scope. What did you think of it? Can you do a review, comparing it to other similar sights? Thanks.

—J Maldonado
Langhorne, Pennsylvania

The Prismatic is a little different from other 1X scopes, especially those with holographic or red dot reticles. It has a lot of potential as a tactical sight, but possibly more so as a hunting scope. Here

are some characteristics. First, it is not for long relief. You have to get "inside the scope" so that the reticle can be used to "graph" the field of view. The reticle has two shapes for coarse target acquisition and one for fine point of aim/impact. The circle and the crosshairs cover a large area. There is, however, a tiny dot at the center of the crosshairs that I was able to use with success across a rimfire silhouette course. The illumination option is ideal for hunting at dawn or dusk. I prefer using the lowest setting necessary. The reticle can be set to click on and off at a desired degree of illumination, and if you have it blazing away, the reticle can be too distracting for a fine point of aim. In bright daylight I preferred not to use the illumination. Perhaps if the central dot was larger and its illumination could be isolated from the remainder of the reticle the Prismatic could be used like a traditional red dot scope. I also found that there was more adjustment in terms of windage and elevation available than on most 1X scopes. Mounting options were simple and effective. The supplied risers will likely nullify the need for purchase of an additional aftermarket mount. Thank you for giving the opportunity to write more about a fine product. —Roger Eckstine


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