November 2010

Sabatti 450/400: Affordable Double Rifle, Perfect Caliber

A double rifle for $5500? It canít be very good, some of our seasoned hunters opined. However, after they tested the Italian Sabatti Double Rifle from Cabelaís, they came around.

A double rifle for $5500? It can’t be very good, we thought, when our neighbor phoned us to tell us he had just bought an Italian Sabatti Model 92 Deluxe rifle, new from Cabela’s for that price, in caliber 450/400.

The cartridge is an excellent one for double rifles. It’s known as the 450/400 3-inch or the 400 Jeffery. There is also a 3.25-inch version that was originally a blackpowder cartridge, but the 3-inch version was never factory loaded with black powder. It is one of the lower-pressure British cartridges, along with the 470 and 360 No. 2, and thus is an excellent choice for a double rifle, especially if it’s to be used in extreme heat. The cartridge was one of the more popular all-around cartridges for hunting use when it was introduced in 1902. Its popularity suffered when the 375 H&H Magnum came along a few years later, but the 400 Jeff throws a heavier bullet, 400 grains versus 300, and some hunters prefer that.

We went to look at our neighbor’s rifle, and then arranged to shoot it. What follows are our impressions and observations of what we now consider to be a bargain.

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