June 2012

Another State with Suppressors

We’ve added Michigan to the list of states that allow suppressor ownership. We may eventually get them all. Also, several readers have had good and bad experiences with GSG rimfire pistols.

Re: “Downrange,” May 2012

Michigan law permits gun owners to obtain and use noise suppressors or silencers as long as they first go through a federal permitting process, according to a formal opinion released by Attorney General Bill Schuette on September 2, 2011.
—Joseph T. Novak

Re: “1911 Replica Rimfires: GSG, Umarex, and
Browning Compete,” May 2012

Just a note regarding the test on the GSG M1911 22. I purchased one about a year ago and had the same problem with the slide action. I disassembled the handgun and put a little Flitz metal polish along the rail. I then reassembled and worked the slide back and forth about 20 times. Then disassembled and cleaned both the slide and frame. This little gem now works slick as butter. It never jams no matter what I feed it. Just wanted to share some tips with your readers. Great magazine, by the way. —Keith Heitz

We considered polishing the rails on the GSG as you did, and depending on how the pistol comes back, we may still. There was a lot to like about the gun, in our view, and we want it to work. Regardless of that wish, we’ll report what happens.  —Todd Woodard

I just wanted to express my experience with the GSG M1911. I purchased my GSG 1911-22 on 4/2/11 in San Antonio at our Saxet gun show. I bought the GSG because it looked and felt just like a real one. The 45-caliber pistol (Colt) was the first pistol I ever shot when I enlisted in the U.S. Army on 01-08-78 and used it until the Army retired the 45 cal. When I shot the GSG, it was a dream to fire over 200 rounds with no problems, using CCI Mini-Mags. I had groups of 1.02 to 1.8 inches. The GSG felt almost like the Colt 1911 I first shot in Germany. The only thing I didn’t like about the GSG was cleaning it for the first time. Other than that, it’s a great 22 pistol to shot at 25 yards at a man-sized torso with great shot placement and low recoil. 

Remember, 22 LR bullets have killed a lot of people.
—Retired Tanker

Sir: Define “Blowback.” Blowback is when you begin to read your latest copy of Gun Tests only to find the last gun you purchased was tested and judged to be just short of a complete failure. My GSG is about two months old, NIB, and never fired. I sincerely appreciate your honesty. I don’t think I will add this gun to my collection for my boys. One thing is certain. I am renewing my subscription to Gun Tests.
—F. E. Reiss Ret NCO, USAF

I believe that your problems with the GSG rimfire stem from the possibility that yours was assembled with the recoil spring in backwards. The larger end, which takes care to see, must be to the front of the piece. Once assembled like this, your piece will be one of the best pieces in your test. I boogered mine in my pre-fire cleaning. Just complete disgust with its performance in the first firing. A good friend, Steve Brockway at Kames Sports in N. Canton, Ohio, suggested a reversal of the spring. Since then, this little friend has been nothing but a joy. I have teamed it with a Burris Fast Fire II.
—James D.Wills

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