August 2014

Hot-Weather Carry: Talon IWB, Ted Blocker S18 Are Best Buys

While your carry rig is chafing your tender areas this summer, you must wonder if thereís a better way to tote your sidearm.

Hot-Weather Carry: Talon IWB, Ted Blocker S18 Are Best Buys

A dark outer garment that drapes over the waistband is ideal for concealed carry with light clothing. Lift the outer garment and we have a Best Buy, the Ted Blocker S18 holster with the Smith & Wesson Shield 9mm handgun. The Blocker S18, below, looks like a soft suede holster, but it features a strong reinforced welt that holds its shape.

There are many types of holsters and carry modes for concealed carry. Most work okay when a jacket or other covering garment is worn over the rig, but they donít work as well during hot weather, when only a pulled-out sport shirt or even a T-shirt may be worn. Also, when a T-shirt isnít worn between the holster and the body in hot weather, some rigs are terribly uncomfortable and become a chafing nuisance rather than a trusted friend. While concealment and access are the primary concerns for the CHL holder, few of us are able to afford disposable clothing, so wear and tear are also important considerations. When the weather is hot and humid, we either have to go to greater lengths in selecting our concealment gear or carry a light and possibly ineffective handgun. But a better choice is to examine the best holster technology.

For hot-weather carry, we have to factor in a number of considerations, such as perspiration reaching the handgun, chafing, hiding blocky gun profiles, and, of course, presentation and reholstering issues. To find out which products worked for carrying a 38 Special or 9mm handgun in hot, humid weather, we got a selection of both holsters and carry systems, comparing their usefulness for carrying guns with the minimal weight and profile while still offering acceptable speed and retention. We should point out that we rated these hot-weather rigs head to head for this specific use. We did not compare them to traditional holsters that may have a better draw angle or offer more speed.

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