May 2015

Three Trail Companions We Like

We take a look at Rugerís new 22/45 Lite in 22 LR and the Mora HD knife and Scow Custom sheath as pack-along items.

Three Trail Companions We Like

The avid woodsman or outdoorsman, be he/she hunter, hiker, camper, or what have you, has certain necessary items that must always be packed along on the trail. Whether going into the Eastern woods for a few days or into the Western mountains, those companion items will always go along with us: water, fire makings, rope, shelter, and the like. Many of us also want a pistol and knife. In this report we take a close first look at Ruger’s new 22/45 Lite in 22 LR and the Mora HD knife and an accompanying Scow Sheath as trail companions.

We must comment that lately we now consider taking quite a few more items for our forays into the bush, thanks to a fellow who is one of the more serious outdoorsmen we’ve encountered. This is one David Pearson, who has posted nearly 100 rather lengthy, intelligent, thoughtful, educational, and highly entertaining videos on YouTube under the moniker reallybigmonkey1. With his heavy and pleasant Appalachian accent, Mr. Pearson shows in great detail how he deals with the varied aspects of serious camping in his neighborhood of northwest Georgia. This includes making off-the-ground beds, low-cost heated shelters of a great variety, dealing with fires and cooking, the use of rather large knives, and making much of his own equipment, all dealt up with a great deal of self-effacing humor — and absolutely no swearing. Mr. Pearson calls his educational videos “Fun in the Woods.”

Though some of us are essentially outdoorsmen, we have learned quite a bit from Mr. Pearson. More to the point, one of Pearson’s videos gave us a heads-up about Duane Scow, whose custom sheath for the Mora knife was shown in one of Pearson’s videos. But for now, we’ll look at the packable pistol from Ruger, then address the qualities of the knife and sheath.

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