April 13, 2008

Champion Offers New Pellet Trap to Airgun Enthusiasts

ONALASKA, Wis. –Champion Traps and Targets, introduces their new Airgun Pellet Trap (MSRP: $32.49)—available spring 2008.

Featuring brightly painted, interchangeable steel squirrels and diamonds, that spin with every hit, this pellet-only trap provides a visual response to accurate shooting. Constructed from all steel, handling up to 1200 FPS pellet guns and designed to also accept paper targets, the Airgun Pellet Trap is a versatile, safe way to maximize shooting fun for all ages.

“When it comes to getting kids into the shooting sports, you need products that are engaging, fun and above all—safe,” stated Jack Christnovich, Champion’s Product Line Manager. “With our new Airgun Pellet Trap, young or novice shooters can use an age-appropriate firearm while still getting an interactive result within a safe environment. We feel this product is perfect for parents looking to instill the shooting passion in their children.”

Champion recommends placing the Airgun Pellet Trap a minimum of 10 yards away for 800 FPS airguns and 15 yards for shooters using 1200 FPS airguns. Not to be used with BB’s.

For more information on this product or the complete line-up of Champion products, visit www.championtarget.com.

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