April 21, 2008

Champion Offers Remote Releases for Trap Throwers

ONALASKA, Wis. – Champion gives trapshooters greater freedom of movement with three new trap releases. Designed to take trapshooting to the next level, both the Single (MSRP: $154.95) and Double (MSRP: $249.95) Remote Releases and the Wireless Voice Release (MSRP: $274.95) all enable the shooter to move away from the thrower and create real-life shooting scenarios. Available spring 2008.

Featuring battery powered handheld remotes that allow shooters to expand their shooting positions and improve their skills, the Single and Double Remotes better prepare shotgun enthusiasts for skeet, trap, sporting clays or actual hunting situations. Both remote systems are enclosed in a high impact case, provide target release from a one trap (single remote system), two traps (double remote) and provide flawless release of clays throw after throw, shot after shot. Upgrading a single remote release system to a double system can be accomplished by simply purchasing an additional receiver unit.

Champion’s new Wireless Voice Release goes a step farther by allowing shooters to instantly release clays with a simple voice command. This model also features a microphone sensitivity adjustment and can also be upgraded to a doubles release by buying an additional receiver unit.

All three new releases offer a 100 yard transmission range, water resistant plastic housings, the ability to adjust to match cycle time of different machines and are compatible with Champion EasyBird® automatic traps (Auto-Feed, 6-Packer, Doubles), SST® and 180-Sporter throwers. Each of these units is compact for easier transport and storage.

For more information on this product or the complete line-up of Champion products, visit www.championtarget.com.

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