April 6, 2009

More than 100 Olympic Medals won with Eley Tenex since 1964

British-based ammunition manufacturer Eley Limited has reached a century in Olympic medals.

Eley's premium product Tenex has been used by Olympic champions throughout the World since 1964 when the new .22 entered World competition at the Tokyo Olympic Games and won all gold and silver medals in the .22 LR rifle and pistol events. This success story continues nearly fifty years later at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games with the refined Tenex cartridges wining 12 medals, topping the tally to 102 medals.

Founded in 1828, Eley has a proud history and reputation for manufacturing top-of-the-line ammunition for the world’s best shooters. The company led advancements in production technology of .22 rimfire ammunition back in the 1950’s following major investments and years of research. In 1951 Eley brought to the marketplace the now famous red box Tenex.

Jasna Sekaric uses Tenex rounds

Five-time Olympic Medalist and pistol shooter Jasna Sekaric uses Tenex rounds.

Eley’s accomplishments at the most recent 2008 Beijing Olympic Games further boasted the company’s status picking up 12 Olympic medals, Daniel Olley, Senior Business Development Manager for Eley commented:

“To pick up a total of 12 Olympic medals, 4 being gold and 11 out of 12 medals in the 50m events was the icing on the cake, being at the competition and seeing the reaction of the shooters gives us great satisfaction. It is also satisfying to see the fruition of our partnerships, development plans for junior shooters and investment in the future of our sport.”

With a lengthy list of accomplishments and awards, ELEY has driven forward change and innovation in the industry over the past 180 years. The company continues to strive for excellence and future Olympic success by continually refining the production technology to manufacture the World’s most consistently accurate .22 cartridges.

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Gaviota, your a wealth of knowledge. Would you say the Germans have picked up Quality where the British have left off? It's refreshing to hear of a manufacturer that really does strive for excellence and puts out a product that proves it. Oh, how I desire to work for such a company. Problem is that Americans are going to be forced back into farming for a living because we've lost most of our factories.

Posted by: JWallace | April 6, 2009 11:57 PM    Report this comment

...manufacture the World’s most consistently accurate .22 cartridges."

And yet, if one of those excellent cartridges is accidently lost and gets discovered on a public sidewalk in a British town, it makes the national news with screaming headlines like: GUN HORROR IN CHISWICK!!!

And the British athletes who use these superlative cartridges aren't allowed to purchase or use them in their own country. They have to go to Switzerland to practice.

The British used to make the best guns, the best ammunition, the best ships, the best locomotives, and the best cars. Now they're nothing, and we're not far behind.

Posted by: Gaviota | April 6, 2009 6:11 PM    Report this comment

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