June 30, 2009

New batch of Tenex wins gold

MINWORTH, England -- Australian shooter Warren Potent recently won his third Gold medal at the fourth stage of the ISSF World Cup held in Milan using his new selected matched batch of Tenex.

Potent visited ELEY's specialist test facility located at the site in Minworth, England between 12-13 May 2009, the Tenex he selected beat his control ammo by over 6mm (40 shots control group 20.6mm, selection was 40 shots 14.4 mm) and not only won him Gold in Milan but was also his best score of the four World Cups Q: 598-42x Final: 104.4 TOTAL 702.4.

Eley Tenex

"During my visit to the Eley factory, it was great to see the quality control used on the Tenex line.This gave me more confidence in my newly selected batch of Tenex to help me win the Milan World Cup. The staff at Eley were very helpful and made me feel very welcome, I'm looking forward to seeing them again" commented Warren.

Another happy visitor to the Customer Range who also won gold with his selection was UK shooter Duncan Farmer who visited ELEY on 12th June. Duncan shot his new Tenex at the British International 50m Rifle Championships the next day and won the Men's 3-Positions event.

Australian shooter Warren Potent at the ISSF World Cup in Milan.

ELEY’s specialist customer range facility allows shooters from all over the World the opportunity to bring their barrels to England and select a matched batch of Tenex.

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