July 3, 2008

Nosler 22 Ballistic Tip Now Available in 60-Grain

Nosler, Inc. has added the 60-grain Ballistic Tip its lineup for varmint hunters. The Nosler 22 60-grain Ballistic Tip is designed to provide varmint hunters with a very aerodynamic projectile in a popular weight.

Like other Nosler Ballistic Tip Varmint bullets, the new 22 60-grain utilizes extremely thin mouthed, highly concentric tapered jackets and form-fitted, pure lead cores for consistent accuracy and violent expansion across a broad spectrum of velocities and ranges. The Solid Base boat tail design, long ogive and polycarbonate tip confer ballistic coefficients substantially greater than bullets of identical weight and diameter. These features greatly reduce wind deflection, enhance long range stability and allow the bullets to be fired at virtually any velocity without sacrificing accuracy or structural integrity.

MSRP is $19.95 for 100.

Nosler 22 Ballistic Tip

For a 2008 Nosler and NoslerCustom catalog contact: Nosler, Inc., P.O. Box 671, Bend, Oregon 97709, 1-800-285-3701, www.Nosler.com.

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