August 26, 2009

Austrian Sporting Arms' ISSC M22 Now Shipping

WARE, Mass. – The ISSC M22 .22 LR pistol is arriving in dealerships across the United States.

Imported by Austrian Sporting Arms, the ISSC M22--designed by Austrian gun designer Wolfram Kriegleder, best known for his Walther P22 pistol--is a semi-automatic single-action pistol with a a black polymer frame.

The M22 features a 4-inch match bull barrel, match trigger with a trigger pull of 4.4 lbs., adjustable rear sight, a Weaver rail, and five different safeties that work independently of each other.

Austrian Sporting Arms' ISSC M22

Weighing in at 1.3 lbs, the M22 has an overall length of 7 inches with an overall height of 4.7 inches and is 1.1-inches wide. The ISSC M22 is available in a black or two-tone finish.

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