October 18, 2008

Orange County Sheriff Revokes Concealed Weapons Permits

An article in the Oct. 9, 2008 issue of The Orange County (California) Register reports that the Orange County Sheriff's Department has begun the process of revoking hundreds of concealed weapon permits across Orange County.

The Register said, "This week, department officials confirmed that 146 letters have been sent out advising current license holders that their permits to carry firearms in public – called CCWs – are being revoked. There are currently 1,024 permit holders."

"The Department has determined that your identified risk does not meet the good-cause threshold as required under the new CCW policy based upon the information you provided. As a result of this determination, the Department's present intention is to revoke your CCW license," reads the form letter sent out this month.

Orange County (CA) Sheriff Sandra Hutchens is revoking hundreds of concealed weapon permits.

This week, county supervisors grilled Sheriff Sandra Hutchens during her 120-day update on the reorganization of the agency about the status of the concealed weapons review. Hutchens acknowledged to supervisors that she had indeed tightened requirements for the permits.

Many of the current revocations listed their reason for having a concealed gun as "avid shooter." That no longer qualifies under Hutchen's new standards. Under state law, a Sheriff has discretion to issue concealed weapons permits.

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The liberal Army has entered the Sheriifs Dept in a high ranking position.....man folks you really need to show her the light of day, or the GATE!!!
Ok I wont lower myself to name calling even though she deserves it after reading this nonsense, anyway whatever happened to the Second Ammendment Right to keep and bear arms for the people ....or is it for just certain select few people??? Hummm that seems a bit prejudice along with a major violation of your civil liberties.
Keep up with the Doctor feel good Laws on rediculous Gun Control and look at the crime rate statistics in Australia, England, New York City.....WHOA how about all the major Cities....Robbery Rape Murder Home Burglary car theft etc. The criminals always get their weapons and the Citizens get disarmed....now doesn't that seem to make the bad guys want to be walking into your living room while you sleep and simply take what they want??
Walk up to your wife, daughters, yourself and just pull out there gun/knife etc. and take from you what they want??? And why would crimes like these increase you would ask???? Simply because your top officials enacted a stupid law and disarmed the "LAW ABIDING CITIZENS" with Doctor Feel Good Laws.... this ruling you enact is like an unexperienced engineers blue print designed to fail in a real world scenario, but sounds good and looks good on paper ....to those who have know idea what this sort of law is bringing about for the future of our country.
Think about this real carefully Sheriff Sandra Hutchens, you are reading a fictional novel that has no legs to change things for the better.

Posted by: Patriot1-4U | June 23, 2009 9:28 PM    Report this comment

Go for the recall folks. Challenge her to perform her duties unarmed without any security, just like she wants all of you to do. Publish her address as a "Gun-Free" zone. Make her live the lifestyle she wants you to live.

Posted by: TBILL | February 10, 2009 7:13 PM    Report this comment

I thank GOD I didn't vote for this commie. We need to start a recall drive now.

Posted by: mountainmanmike | February 9, 2009 3:56 AM    Report this comment

I think we can safely assume she's an Obama supporter. The only reason anyone needs for a CCW is I'm an American citizen, over 21, with no criminal record. Never ever elect anyone without knowing their record on the 2nd Amendment. If they don't support that they are no better than Castro, Stalin, or Hitler.

Posted by: TBILL | October 28, 2008 2:53 PM    Report this comment

Sounds like the citizens are reaping what they sow. When we elect a idiot to public office, local, state and federal we have to suffer the consequences.

Posted by: majorp44 | October 23, 2008 8:48 AM    Report this comment

vote her out of office asap

Posted by: steve d | October 21, 2008 8:49 PM    Report this comment

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