December 1, 2008

Ruger Announces Availability of SR9 Pistol in California and Massachusetts

SOUTHPORT, CT – Ruger's SR9 pistol has been placed on the Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale within the State of California, as well as the Massachusetts Approved Firearms Roster.

The SR9 pistol, chambered for 9mm Luger, was introduced last October and is the first striker-fired pistol from Ruger.

The Ruger SR9 pistol currently available in California and Massachusetts (model number 3309, catalog number KSR9-10-L) features a black frame with a brushed stainless steel slide. In compliance with the laws of both states, the Ruger SR9 pistol is shipped with two 10-round magazines.

Ruger SR9

Ruger SR9 (KSR9-10-L)

Sturm, Ruger is headquartered in Southport, CT, with plants located in Newport, NH and Prescott, AZ.

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There are a number of meaningless, trivial requirements for handguns in CA & MA. For example, they have to have loaded chamber indicators, internal drop safeties, size restrictions, magazine capacity limits, yadayadayada. Meanwhile, Latino, black, and asian gangs are wreaking havoc in the state, which can't pay police, courts, or prisons enough to keep up with demand.

They're telling us: "We can't protect you, and you aren't allow to protect yourself unless you're a gang member. Have a nice day."

Comminiz bastiges.

Posted by: Gaviota | December 8, 2008 1:38 PM    Report this comment

Is there special qualifications for a pistol to be sold in California or Massachusetts?

Posted by: Robert J | December 5, 2008 7:00 AM    Report this comment

Any word of the Ruger LCP in california?

Posted by: WILLIAM J | December 4, 2008 9:58 PM    Report this comment

when and where will the sp101revolver 327mag be available?

Posted by: punger | December 4, 2008 10:05 AM    Report this comment

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