September 4, 2008

AcuSport Corp. to sell American Tactical Imports products

BELLEFONTAINE, Ohio – AcuSport Corporation will be distributing the new German Sport Guns 5 and other products from American Tactical Imports.

The highly sought after GSG-5 model is modeled after the MP 5. The lightweight plinking gun shoots 22 cal. ammunition, making it a more inexpensive product to shoot. 

AcuSport will also sell a pistol version of the GSG-5 and a model based on the popular AK 47 platform, also in .22 caliber. Accessories for all models will be available to create additional profit opportunities for retailers.

American Tactical Imports GSG-5

“The American Tactical Import product line is a great addition to the AcuSport family of products.” said Kenan Ikels, AcuSport director of sales and marketing. “With the increase in consumer demand for firearms that shoot less-expensive .22 caliber ammunition, these products will generate excitement and additional sales opportunities for our customers.” 

AcuSport Corporation is a nationwide distributor of shooting and hunting products with regional sales offices in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Minnesota, Texas, Montana and California. For more information, call 1-800-543-3150 or visit

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