April 22, 2008

New Remington TV Ad To Feature Favre

While Green Bay Packers fans continue to debate whether Brett Favre will ever come back to play, the iconic quarterback has just finished filming two new commercials that will debut nationally in a few months.

Favre filmed ads for Wrangler 5-Star premium jeans, and for Remington, the hunting and shooting sports company.

The Remington ad is more of a branding ad, according to Al Russo, director of marketing for Remington. In that ad, which will be shown on outdoors channels beginning in June, Favre talks about the firearms and ammunition company without mentioning any specific products.

When asked about his idea of the perfect day, Favre said, “If I could squeeze in throwing touchdown passes at a morning practice, lunch with my family and pulling the trigger on a trophy buck at sunset, that would be about as perfect as life can get. And it seems the older I get, the more I treasure the days spent in solitude in the woods. I’ve already hunted about 20 days this season, so this recent agreement with Remington is pretty special to me.”

Favre has agreed to represent Remington in national advertising campaigns, retail promotions and special events such as industry trade shows and consumer sweepstakes hunts with his focus being on hunter safety, wildlife conservation and youth programs.

Remington also announced last week that it is closing the H&R/New England Firearms manufacturing plant in Gardner, Massachussetts, and will begin manufacturing the orphaned guns either at the Marlin or Remington plants.

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